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Expert System Releases Freemium Version of the Cogito Intelligence API

Earlier this year, ProgrammableWeb reported that Expert System, a leading semantic software company, had released the Cogito Intelligence API which allows semantic processing and analysis functionality to be integrated with government, intelligence, law enforcement and other types of security software systems and applications. Expert System has just announced the launch of a "freemium" version of the Cogito Intelligence API which is available on Mashape, the cloud API Marketplace.

When Does Having an API Product Mean You Have a Solid Business Model? The WebKnox Example

If you have created a powerful API-as-product, do you automatically have a business model you can monetize? German startup Webknox aims to answer this question and is worth following to see how they turn a powerful data product into an investable commodity. ProgrammableWeb caught up with Dr David Urbansky at the recent API World conference to talk about the very early days of this new API enterprise and to discuss the road to success that may lay ahead.

Expert System Releases Cogito Intelligence API Helping Analysts Quickly and Accurately Evaluate Intelligence Data

Expert System, a leading semantic technology company and developer of Cogito semantic technology, has announced the release of the Cogito Intelligence API which allows semantic processing and analysis functionality to be integrated with government, intelligence, law enforcement and other types of security software systems and applications.

Need Semantic Analysis? The World is Your Roistr

Roistr is a project that’s smaller than our typical API feature.  It shows the falling barrier to entry in the API world even in a the demanding academic area of natural language processing and semantic analysis.  The primary Roistr API function is a “best match” engine.  It offers an interesting use case to demonstrate the relevance of the service: take a Twitter username and use tweets from this account to find content most relevant to the user’s interests.

Yahoo Term Extraction is Reborn as Content Analysis

The new Yahoo Content Analysis API capitalizes on the success of its term extraction API while adding new functionality. The reborn implementation not only extracts terms and entities but ranks them based on perceived importance within the article. Peter Levinson, product manager for Yahoo Content Analysis, says “The new API gives developers actionable metadata about their content. By extracting and then ranking terms on the page, the API separates signal from noise in unstructured content.”

Great Democratizer Diffbot Comes Out of Beta With 50,000 Free Monthly Calls

Diffbot has come out of beta announcing the APIs ability to extract content from sites that fit into two page-types: article and front page.  The Diffbot engine can determine, just by rendering and looking at a page, what type of page it is.  Is it an article or a front page news site?  Maybe it's a profile page from a social network.  Diffbot’s artificial brain has been literally trained to know the difference.  Developers can make 50,000 calls to the Diffbot API per month for free with additional calls available for fractions of a cent.  This pricing should encourage wide adoption and experimentation.

Semantinet Graphs Almost All Human Knowledge, Provides API

Semantinet’s slogan, “Information into knowledge” aptly describes their work. Semantinet is building a giant information graph of people, places and concepts linked together by whichever relationships are detected from both structured and unstructured data sources on the web. It’s a simple thing to describe, but the implications are profound. This type of information technology is so much more powerful than a collection of articles that can be searched by keyword. What we have here resembles how we imagine information and memories are stored in our own minds, and its available to be used in your own project through the Semantinet Knowledge Graph API.

Saplo's Swedish Semantics Suite Sets the Bar Higher

Saplo is a Swedish incarnation of semantic analysis.  Born out of academia, the Saplo API is built on computer science and applied mathematics.  This company is effectively commercializing academic research topics.  What makes Saplo stand out immediately as an API provider is its list of active customers which includes two Nordic news sites.  This shows that they are serious about the business behind the Saplo API and also successful at convincing experienced media players that semantic analysis is a tool that they should employ.