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Enterprise MBaaS Set to Explode in 2014

While industry analysts expected this year to be the year Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) took off, end-of-year assessments are suggesting that there is still room for further growth in 2014. Forecasters predict a 104% annual growth in the market to reach $7.7 billion in 2017, while this week's acquisition of MBaaS vendor StackMob by PayPal has piqued more than a few businesses' curiosity. Meanwhile, analysts from Forrester and major players like Rich Mendis from AnyPresence believe the MBaaS revolution is still yet to happen for the enterprise.

API World Day One: Developer-focused Services Rise Up While API Business Models Remain Unsolved

The APIWorld and DataWeek events are currently taking place in San Francisco with a mix of API providers and developers, C-level enterprise representatives, and marketers all vying for attention. It is a mixed bag of attendance with over 4,000 participants expected, although the close proximity of the event to the timing of the API Strategy Conference being hosted at the end of the month, also in San Francisco, may be causing some lack of cohesion in the type of audience attending. Key themes include the growth of services aimed at supporting developers, the limited creativity of using realtime data and the slippery task of defining a viable API business model.

Direct from APIWorld: AnyPresence Launches new MBaaS, Wins Top Innovator Award

Mobile Backend-as-a-Service provider AnyPresence has launched its 5th generation product at APIWorld, San Francisco, already garnering industry praise and winning the DataWeek/APIWorld prize for Top Innovator at the conference. Susan Miller, Chief Business Development and Strategy Officer at AnyPresence, spoke with ProgrammableWeb about how the new product will change the way API developers work.