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Who Curates the Real-Time Web?

SXSW was the source of a flood of real-time information on the web. Information flowed from attendees using social media tools to share what was being discussed, their thoughts and their experiences. This information was amplified further by the information be re-shared (retweeted on Twitter) and by other opinions being expressed about all things SXSW. But how is it that you ensure you don't miss an important piece of information from within your social media connections or even outside of your normal social media circles? From an earlier post on Cadmus, an algorithmic Twitter feed service, you may be aware of the idea of curation - filtering content to ensure that you don't miss the most relevant information. But who performs this curation and what roles do technology have in the process?

Cadmus Offers Algorithmic Twitter Feed Curation

Filtering, curation, aggregation and relevance have long been touted as the next important steps for social media. In actual fact we've had curation services in the form of Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious and many more for a long time. However, the questions "How do I find the blog post, tweet, facebook update, photo or check-in that is most relevant to me?" and "How do I know I've not missed a really important piece of news?" are still asked daily. So, there still isn't a definite answer - or a definitive service. Cadmus started off as a "real-time filtering service" for a product called ViewPoint, but has grown into a self-standing application and the Cadmus API can help users and developers answer these questions.