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Heroku App Webhooks Now Generally Available

Heroku's app webhooks offering is now generally available for all Heroku users. App webhooks allows users to automatically send notifications to developers in the event of specified occurrences. Whether communication is through a bot, dashboard, or otherwise, app webhooks can power communications.

Daily API RoundUp: DigitalGlobe GBDX, Aeries, YaCy, QBOS YaCyGeoSimulator

Fifteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Mapping, Search, PaaS, and Education. Highlighted today is an API for managing, editing, and delivering images from Amend Cloud and APIs from DigitalGlobe for accessing Earth satellite imagery.

Why QuickBooks Online Uses Webhooks

Webhooks have been one of the top requested features by Intuit developers, as apps that integrate with QuickBooks Online need to respond swiftly to current data as that data becomes available. This article explains what Webhooks are and how to configure them for your QuickBooks Online app

How to Use Webhooks to Recover Subscription Customers

... misuse of an e-commerce API is when a merchant constantly polls the application with a GET request, as shown below: This is not an efficient way to integrate with Recurly! It’s a very resource-intensive workflow, and these constant queries for information cause several problems, not the least of which is the merchant will quickly hit their ...

Daily API RoundUp: Uber Driver, HyperTrack, Apache Ambari, Ustream ThisData Login IntelligenceVoice2Phone Outbound Calling

... in Mixmax. This includes access to messages, availability, polls, snippets and more. The Mixmax REST API is also listed under the Email category. Proximus is a telecom and mobile communications company based in Belgium. Proximus EnCo is a developer platform focused on APIs for telecom, IoT, BigData, and more. We've added some APIs from EnCo to ...

Daily API RoundUp: Sonar, Pokemon Go, BigBlueButton, eeGeo, Watsi MediaValet Enterprise Media Library ManagementPimatic Websocket

... The BigBlueButton API can be used to integrate chat, polls, emojis, playback, whiteboard, desktop sharing, WebRTC, presentations, and Web cams into online learning services. The API is listed under the Education category. See ProgrammableWeb 's complete list of Education APIs . Integrate learning applications with WebRTC from ...

Daily API RoundUp: Google My Business, Stackshare, Netbeast, Facebook Insights, Bot APIs Slack BotTeamchat Bots

... is a bot provider that allows users to create and execute polls through a bot and integrate with Slack. Documentation of the API is not available to the public so interested developers can contact Polly for details. Line is a voice and video call, messaging, and chat application. The Line Bot REST API allows developers to build, manage, ...

Twitter Tweaks 140 Character Calculation

Twitter has announced major changes that will alter the way the company calculates 140 characters. Certain attachments, URLs, and handles will no longer count towards the character limit. Changes will allow users to use more words, and developers must prepare for the upcoming changes.

Daily API RoundUp: Quintly, Invoca, LingoHub, CityGro, SurveyRock, SimpleVisa Applozic Quintly

... Build It?" SurveyRock can create surveys or polls, analyze results, and export feedback to a spreadsheet. The SurveyRock API allows developers to access a user's surveys, distributors, respondents data and results. We've listed this API under Surveys . See ProgrammableWeb 's complete list of Surveys APIs . CityGro ...