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PW Interview : Brandon Wirtz CTO

Here is an interview with Brandon Wirtz, CTO of the very exciting text mining API startup We have covered Stremor here before. Liquid Helium API is the core of all Stremor's products and it extracts information about sentence and paragraph structure, word usage, parts of speech, grammar, writing style, punctuation, and author bias. Stremor also  has   a new kind of search engine called Samuru based on it's language APIs.

25 APIs Used in 7 Days: eBay, Spotify and YouTube

... , DNSimple , Domain , DomainTools and Yahoo YUI . The most often used APIs this week are Amazon S3 , Bing and BuzzData . And the most commonly used types of APIs were Internet (5 APIs, 5 mashups), Search (4 APIs, 5 mashups) and Music (3 APIs, 3 mashups). The list below shows which APIs were used by which mashups: ...

46 New APIs: CoffeeBean, Responsys and Tweet Management

... for organizing idea and page records. Yahoo YUI API : YUI (Yahoo! User Interface) is a free, open source JavaScript and CSS framework that is also hosted by Yahoo for building richly interactive web applications. YUI is provided under a BSD license and is available on GitHub for forking and contribution. The YUI API allows access to the YUI ...

Yahoo's Placemaker Yields the GeoMaker Project

... several Yahoo developer libraries (including YQL and YUI ). Although in its initial stages, GeoMaker currently allows users to input text or a URL (e.g., ) to be ge-enriched. Subsequently, a Yahoo Map is output, including code for copying pasting the map on to your favorite site or ...

Smart Editor Wins Hackday Prize

... and Amazon product recommendations. It is built with the YUI Toolkit and four APIs: the Flickr API , the Yahoo Term Extraction API , the Yahoo Search API , and the Amazon E-Commerce API . This mashup won the "Best Self Expression hack" at the Yahoo Hackday in Bangalor India earlier this month with judges that included ...