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Customize Your Site Search Via the Google AJAX Search API

Google's Jeff Scudder has a new post on the Google AJAX APIs blog that details how CSS styling can be used in conjunction with the Google AJAX Search API (our Google AJAX Search API Profile) to customize the look and feel of the search interface and search results. Though it may not seem that important, the aesthetics of your site's search interface, and the way the results are displayed, are both important elements that can influence the experience of your site's visitors.

Google Releases Virtual Keyboard AJAX API

Google has just released a new Virtual Keyboard API as part of its AJAX Language API that should enrich sites that use forms to collect information from multi-lingual users. This new API (our Google Virtual Keyboard API Profile) allows users to input text into form fields in a variety of languages (and corresponding characters) without the need for a physical keyboard or specialized software.

Microsoft Releases Machine Translation API

If you've ever wanted to programmatically translate text from one language to another directly from code, there's a new web service from Microsoft Research you might want to try. It's the recently announced new Microsoft Translator AJAX API and web widget. The API provides automated translation of web pages and portions of web pages into 12 different languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, and Russian. The Microsoft Research team plans to add more languages over time.