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Oracle Introduces Java 14

Oracle recently announced Java 14. JDK 14 includes sixteen new features, most targeted at improving developer productivity. Additionally, the release includes three features in preview: Pattern Matching for instance of (JEP 305), Records (JEP 359), and Text Blocks (JEP 368).

Amazon Announces GA of AWS SDK for Java 2.x

Amazon has largely rewritten its AWS SDK for Java. Although it is a rewrite from 1.11.x, Amazon used the same JVM so that developers don't have to migrate an entire product over to 2.x. Amazon focused on consistency, immutability, and ease of use in the rewrite. 2.x includes many requested features.

Daily API RoundUp: simPRO, Ordnance Survey, MarketFactory, Alexa Auto SDK

Five APIs as well as a notable SDK have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Auto, Voice, Business, Mapping, and Currency. Featured today is the MarketFactory Whisperer API for FX trade aggregation, and the Alexa Auto SDK. Here's a look at what's new.