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Twitter Mashup Count Leaps Past Flickr

For most of ProgrammableWeb's nearly six years, there were two things that always remained true about the mashup directory. First, that Google Maps is the most popular API used to create mashups. And second, that Flickr is a distant second, but well ahead of third. Recently one of these is no longer true, as the Twitter API has passed Flickr in popularity.

Use APIs to Explore Your Town

APIs have certainly enriched our lives. Thanks to some clever mashups, we are able to share and connect with nearly everyone and everything all over the planet. But what about the world right around you? How can APIs make your own town more connected and provide some rich services to its tax-paying citizens?

Bing Maps Get More Visual Thanks to Flickr's API

Perhaps that Bing-Yahoo search deal is paying off. Even though Maps and Flickr aren't known to be part of the deal, Microsoft has connected its Bing Maps to the Flickr API in a unique way. It overlays geotagged Creative Commons photos over its current StreetSide imagery, as shown in the video embedded below.

Flickr API: Now with Pandas

Flickr has announced the release of two new Flickr API methods. The new methods are related to what are known as the Flickr Pandas, an experimental service where several virtual pandas select safe, public Flickr photos they consider interesting, or photos which have been geotagged.

500 Photo Mashups

While map mashups are what have defined this genre of application, the second most popular type of web mashup here on ProgrammableWeb are photo mashups. How popular? Just this past week the number of photo-related mashups passed the 500 mark, and there are now 505 listed.

47 Photo APIs

Along with the rapid growth of video APIs, the marketplace of photo-related APIs continues to expand rapidly. Since we looked at 36 Photo APIs earlier this year, we've added nearly a dozen new ones, and there are now 47 APIs tagged "photo" in our web service directory.

Yahoo Releases Internet Location Platform

Yesterday, Yahoo announced its new Internet Location Platform API, "a resource for managing all geo-permanent named places on Earth" that "provide[s] the Yahoo! Geographic Developer Community with the vocabulary and grammar to describe the world's geography in an unequivocal, permanent, and language-neutral manner."

4 Spy Mashups - Watch in Realtime

If you want to see in realtime what's going on Digg you can use their digg spy page. This popular Digg feature uses a dynamic Ajax UI to let you see diggs as they happen. And now it serves as a model for a growing number of mashups that use web APIs to give you a realtime window into activity on a variety of services.

Flickr: 704 API Calls per Second

As announced on the Flickr Blog, Flickr has launched a new website for developers: Flickr Code. And besides announcing the new site they've both a) given interesting details on just how much API traffic they do each day (see below), and b) they announced they're open sourcing Flickr Uploadr, the cross-platform (Windows and OS X) desktop tool for uploading photos to Flickr.