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API Jobs from Spotify, Temboo and AlchemyAPI

This weeks collection of API jobs features an international listing and 5 other contenders for your talents. These listing come from 3 companies, spread across the world. Make sure the check out the listing and also the ProgrammableWeb profile that is connected to it.

The XING API is Now Out of Beta

Germany-based "business social network" XING announced this week that the XING API is now officially out of beta, and invited external developers to register for access at Since March of this year, the XING API has been available as a "closed beta," and XING reported that over three thousand developers tried out the API during that period, "creating almost 150 active apps and producing around 17 million API requests per day."

The VetSuccess API: VA Job Posting Made Easy

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs has been helping veterans find employment for years. They provide job listing and educational services that are designed to make the transition a lot easier. With the Addition of the VetSuccess API, the VA is making job posting a lot easier for prospective employers.

Field Nation API: Freelance Computer Technician Services

The SOAP-based Field Nation API allows your app to do a range of activities possible on the site, from finding technicians to monitoring work in progress. Field Nation covers a wide range of areas of expertise, from health care to computers to helping individuals install home entertainment systems.

API Jobs from Xero, Rdio and Practice Fusion

San Francisco continues its dominance of the API job market, but this week brings us a new location we haven't seen before: New Zealand. As more and more API-related jobs become available, it's likely that they'll continue to show up all over the world.

API Jobs from Personal, The Washington Post and CloudMine

Continuing on an appearance in our last jobs post for a job with the same title, this week we've got two 'Full Stack Developer' positions. These developers are expected to have experience with both the front- and back-end technologies required to power a web service API. If you fancy yourself a polyglot that likes working on a lot of different projects and technologies, this might be the job for you.

API Jobs from Mashery, SendGrid and Emergent One

One of the lesser known features of API Jobs is the aggregation of API-related jobs from all over the web. Pulling in jobs from GitHub Jobs, StackOverflow Careers 2.0, Crunchboard, and the 37signals job board every hour creates a never-ending stream of possibilities. Check it out next time you're on the site.

API Jobs from Salesforce, Jive, IFTTT and Chegg

For this week's API Jobs installment we have four senior positions at software companies big and small. With two in Silicon Valley and two in San Francisco, another clear trend is reinforced: the majority of API jobs are in the Bay Area. Have a job somewhere else? Create a featured listing on API Jobs to be included in next week's ProgrammableWeb jobs post.

API Jobs from LinkedIn, Mashape, Yahoo, SoundHound and Foursquare

It's been busy recently on API Jobs, the dedicated job board for API-focused professionals I built a couple months ago. The site features the best jobs building APIs, integrating them, or working at companies whose primary service is an API. Each week I'll be bringing you an overview of the newest featured listings on the site.