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Clypd Launches API for Automated Television Advertising

clypd, television advertising platform and service provider, has launched an API for television advertising: the TVonTap API. The API represents a fundamental shift in the TV ad space, as the API allows for automation. Automation enables the ability for TV ads to be driven by data and should alter the methods by which ad space is bought and sold.

Share TV Clips with the Grabyo API

Grabyo recently opened its doors as a TV clip sharing service. Alongside its go to market lies the Grabyo API that allows developers to integrate Grabyo functionality with third party apps and sites. Grabyo describes itself as "the ultimate second screen experience."

Jinni Expands API to Find Movies and TV to Satisfy Everyone's Preference

Jinni, television and movie taste engine, has expanded its API to include a feature that discovers movies and shows that more than one viewer will enjoy: Watch Together. The Watch Together feature expands the discovery engine API to include social functionality (e.g. makes recommendations based on the tastes of multiple, disparate tastes). Based on multiple profiles of a group that would like to watch a show together, Watch Together makes a recommendation.

Boxfish Releases TV Discovery and Search API

Boxfish, television discovery startup, released an improved TV discovery app this past week. With the new release, Boxfish decided to make its technology available to third parties via an API. Boxfish allows the use of natural language to search for particular topics currently discussed on TV, or users can find out what is currently most popular on tv. The thought behind the API aims to empower other providers.

TitanTV API: Never Miss Your Favourite Show Again

For those hooked on their favourite series or programme, or for any kind of TV enthusiast, having access to detailed information on TV shows, blockbuster premieres or even local news is key. TitanTV is a free online TV guide service that claims to provide the most accurate over-the-air cable and satellite channel line-up's for a user's specific area, using it's patented geo-location technology. TitanTV provides the TitanTV API that allow users to access this functionality.

Everyday Is A Significant Day With Anniversarator's API

Looking for a reason to celebrate? Well, the average person may not be aware of it, but apparently there is a whole list of trivial (and some significant) reasons why anyone could justify celebrating any given day. Anniversarator is a fun, online calculator that provides users with information on special occasions related to the date the put into the search box. The Anniversarator API makes this data available to be integrated with third party applications. API: A Social Space For Film Buffs

For avid fans of television and film, provides a platform to discuss, review, recommend, make connections with other like-minded enthusiasts and indulge in general movie banter. also provides an easy to use the API that allows developers to integrate its functionalities with other applications.

Open Spreety: Find it All, Watch it Free, Watch it Legal, A TV Guide for the Internet

The Open Spreety API sticks a TV and a TV guide in your program. According to the API webpage, you can have users search for shows by title, genre, and by the decade the show was produced, among other criteria. Despite all the pay walls and cable costs, Open Spreety says there is so much free content out there from  the mainstream media that viewers can get lost in the forest of choices.

The Applicaster Video API: Helping Broadcasters Conquer the Living Room, the Tablet, the Phone, and the World

Are you in the business of selling video content? How will you broadcast it? The Applicaster API aims to help answer that increasingly complex question. Where once it was a matter of getting on a network, now it's an issue of delivering experiences over mobile, synching, caching and live streaming, coping with connectivity issues, and providing an Airplay experience.