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AtTask and WebDAM Announce Integration Partnership

AtTask, cloud-based work management provider, and WebDAM, digital asset management provider, announced their strategic partnership today. Both companies will integrate the other's functionality to existing platforms to expand marketing-focused technologies. The AtTask Marketing Cloud will now offer WebDAM's digital asset management and brand management functionality. Additionally, WebDAM's digital asset management users will have AtTask's full project management functionality.

Bellefield Launches iTimeKeep API

Bellefield, leader in mobile time entry for firms, has launched an API for its iTimeKeep solution. iTimeKeep has allowed attorneys to enter time at any time, at any place. The API allows developers to integrate iTimeKeep functionality with any other app that attorneys use. Bellefield expects increased efficiency for attorneys to result from the release as users will now be able to contemporaneously report time and other work-related activities in a single step.

Twitter Introduces The Custom Timelines API Beta

Twitter has just announced the availability of custom timelines, a brand new type of timelime that allows developers to have more control regarding organization and delivery of Tweets on the Twitter platform. Twitter has also announced the launch of the Custom Timelines API which is in beta and available to a small group of developers selected and approved by Twitter.

Integrate Cloud-based Time-Tracking Platform with Replicon API

Replicon, leading provider of cloud-based time-tracking applications, allows developers to integrate Replicon features with third party applications via the Replicon API. Whether time needs to be tracked for billable hours, project management, employee schedules, or some additional reason; Replicon provides real-time visibility into time, resource, and project data.

Run Realtime Reports on Chapoo's Project Management Platform: Chapoo API

Chapoo, cloud platform for projection information management and collaboration, enables developers to integrate many Chapoo features via the Chapoo API. The API allows integrated solutions to run reports and queries out of the Chapoo data repository. The platform works across organizations of all sizes in many industries. The product was designed to streamline processes and eliminate waste. The API allows for third party apps to manage productivity through consolidated monitoring.

The Perils of Being a Mobile App Developer

The trouble with building mobile computing applications is that end users have little tolerance when it comes to how they expect those applications to behave. Never mind the fact that mobile applications are amongst some of the most challenging to create; the second somebody has a less than optimal experience they're off to another application. Needless to say, that puts a lot of pressure on mobile application developers.

Bizimply API: A Management Tool To Banish The Paperwork

Bizimply, a cloud solution operations management system aimed at restaurant chains and retail stores, provides the Bizimply API that enables developers to access its functionality. Built out of a need for managers to be free from unnecessary paperwork, allowing them to spend more time on driving sales, Bizimply is an easy to use application that allows users to keep an eye on business vitals at any time and see exactly how things are running from shift to shift.

Convo API: Communication Gets The Job Done

In order to get a campaign or project off the ground quickly and efficiently, careful management of the creative and technical process is essential in order to avoid big mistakes and missed deadlines. And, of course, the very thing that holds it all together is clear communication. That's where an app like Convo is really handy - it's a cloud-based, interactive workspace for business, where teams can collaborate and have real-time conversations. Convo's API makes it possible for this functionality to be integrated with other applications.

Osmosis API: Get All The Facts First - The Best Way To Start A Design Job

When it comes to design, it can often be quite tricky to get designer and client to agree 100% or even just be on the same page with regards to the direction of the project. Unless communication is streamlined and completely clear from the start, the project can run into a number of disasters, not to mention becoming costly and more time consuming than necessary. Osmosis is a web application that serves as a kind of questionnaire and design brief to help creatives save time at the very start of a project. The Osmosis API is available for developers to integrate this functionality with other applications.