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Best Mashup Camp Mashups

Last week's Mashup Camp showcased some excellent mashups including the two first place winners. Along with those there were some other great contest entries, many of which have been added to the mashup listings here. 

Best New Mashups: MyBlogLog, Flickr, YouTube

Adding Tags to MyBlogLog: Here is a fun little hack with MyBlogLog, the addition of tags. You will be able to tag your visitors and immediately see what you and others have had to say. When your readers click a tag they will see instant inline search results for users.

Best New Mashups: Alerts, SaaS, and Pets

Now with 1,452 mashups listed, it's time for our regular review of some of the more notable new and interesting mashups added to ProgrammableWeb. Most of this set have some degree of utility value depending on what your need or interest is: keeping your web site running, keeping up with terror threats, or finding lost pets and valuables.

Best New Mashups: Videos, Time, and Pols

2007 is off to a good start on the mashup front given the variety of new ProgrammableWeb entries. New ones include video mashups, utility mashups, and tools for keeping an eye on US politicians. Overall there are now 1432 mashups and 356 APIs here.  

Personalize via the Findory APIs

Findory founder Greg Linden has announced interesting new API updates. Findory uses personalization technology to find content tailored to your interests automatically. They spider thousands of news, blog, and multimedia sources to match reading history to new material.

How eBay Scales Their DevNet

Last month CIO Insight magazine published a piece by Edward Cone "Inside eBay's Innovation Machine", an interesting report on the importance of APIs and developer network to eBay's overall strategy. It's a worthwhile read, especially in terms of the scope of their program, how it's run, and where the money is.