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Google Proposes New Features for WebAssembly

This week at Google I/O, Software Engineer Deepti Gandluri presented a session titled “WebAssembly for Developers.” In this session she presented new features for WebAssembly which have already been implemented in the current version of the Chrome Web browser.

Google Proposes Fix to Incognito Mode Leak in Chrome

Abusive sites are exploiting the FileSystem API to detect whether a user is browsing in incognito mode in Chrome. Normal browsing supports the FileSystem API and Incognito mode does not support the API. Google has proposed supporting the FileSystem API in incognito mode while maintaining privacy.

The State of the Web Audio API

HTML5 and its APIs have gone a long way toward making Web applications compete with native applications. A key area in which HTML5 has seen the maximum attention from developers has been in its support for media technologies. Developers have used HTML5 audio and video APIs in tremendously innovative ways. However, it has not been an easy ride, with developers complaining about the lack of support for complex audio and video functions.