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AppDynamics Extends Application Performance Management Reach

Ever since developers discovered the ability to directly manipulate large amounts of data using NoSQL databases, there has been a proliferation of database types across the enterprise. While an increase in the number of database options has been a boon to developers; it creates a level of unprecedented complexity when it comes to managing the overall enterprise IT environment.

GoGrid Preps API for Big Data Public Cloud

As a public cloud service optimized for Big Data applications, GoGrid gives developers access to a number of open source platforms, including Hadoop, Apache HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB, and Riak. Trying to fuel what GoGrid CEO John Keagy describes as an open data services (ODSs) market, GoGrid provides the ability to stand up applications on multiple platforms in a way that helps developers avoid getting locked in to one particular architecture. Now GoGrid is close to taking that concept one step further by exposing an API to the GoGrid cloud platform.

Splice Machine: A Realtime SQL Database on Hadoop

Splice Machine prides itself on being the only transactional SQL-on-Hadoop database aimed at giving developers an easy-to-learn tool for managing big data in the enterprise. ProgrammableWeb spoke with Splice Machine's CEO Monte Zweben at the recent API World and Data Week conference in San Francisco - where they won a Top Innovator award - to discuss how API developers can access the best-of-both-worlds SQL and NoSQL database engine to return contextual and personalization data in realtime.