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LinkedIn API Adoption Likely to Surge with API Additions

With a successful IPO behind it, LinkedIn has its sight now set on bringing more developers to its fold. In April, we covered how LinkedIn is increasing its reach via widgets that you can plug into your site and expanding its Developer program. LinkedIn has added to that by announcing two additions to its LinkedIn API: searching Jobs and Companies.

New Widgets and Graph-like API Expands LinkedIn's Reach

It's no secret that Facebook's Graph API and widgets have contributed a great to Facebook's success and never-ending permeation of the web as we know it. Looking to make a similar move, LinkedIn has recently expanded its own developer platform and LinkedIn API. The new LinkedIn tools aren't just aimed at developers. With just a couple lines of code, you can begin integrating LinkedIn in to your web page with a variety of plugins and widgets.

Bring Your Social Networks to Your Service Business

Any business that relies on personal connections, such as real estate or accounting, is perfectly poised to capitalize on social media. Yet these industries, which some might characterize as "old school," have not fully embraced the popular networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. SocialBios helps any company provide its potential customers with a way to find connections to the people within the company by using social APIs.

Social Aggregators Get More Sophisticated With 'Connected'

There isn't just one social graph, there are many. LinkedIn maintains your professional contacts, while Facebook has friends and family (and yes, often many professional). Twitter has some mix, as well, perhaps with a different filter. Aggregators take these disparate contacts and bring them into one place. A new service uses several APIs to merge them and give tools to better understand and utilize your network of contacts.

Popular LinkedIn Mashup Hits Limits: "Can We Pay?"

"It's been pretty riotous," Tony Wright said. His LinkedIn mashup that lets people rate their co-workers has been more popular than he expected. Called CubeDuel, it's been out for less than two days and already it has hit the LinkedIn API limits. Twice. Wright is confident his site will see further increased limits, but it's Friday night and he's had to close the site to new users. It's both an API success story and a cautionary tale about relying too much on one platform. But it's also a lot of fun.

LinkedIn's Javascript API Aims to Spread Platform Adoption

The biggest online social network for business contacts has made its next move to increase adoption of its API. LinkedIn has released a Javascript API, which allows for accessing all of the company's APIs directly from browser-based apps. And authentication, a difficult task for some developers, is all handled by LinkedIn's library.

LinkedIn API Platform Goes Live: Your Resume and Business Network Now Have an API

Perhaps your most important online network of business contacts is now programmable. LinkedIn launched its API (our LinkedIn API profile), which allows developers to access a user's connections and anyone's profile data, in addition to several other features. Though some are saying "finally," it's clearly not too late for LinkedIn, who aims to be the professional networking platform.

LinkedIn Launches Business-focused Application Platform

The business networking site LinkedIn has now launched a new application platform they call InApps. It's an OpenSocial-based platform that enables third-party developers to create applications that get embedded into LinkedIn user's profiles. While this follows along the model used of Facebook, MySpace and host of other social platforms, it differs in its emphasis on being business centric in nature and, like the service itself, follows a much more controlled and button-downed approach. And like the LinkedIn API that we reported on last year, access is limited based on an approval process.