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DocuSign Leads E-Signature APIs, According to ProgrammableWeb Research API University

E-signatures have gone from curiosity to core business tool. They’ve also gone from on-premise server to the cloud, and from isolated application to embeddable API. Indeed, e-signature tools have a lot to offer most any organization, but companies must take care to choose the best tool for the job (or jobs) at hand. A recent evaluation by ProgrammableWeb shows that among the many e-signature options available today, one stands out clearly from the rest: DocuSign.

SignNow API: Document Signing Goes Paperless

Everyone can relate to the hassles and time wasting caused by the printing, signing, scanning, mailing or faxing of documents that require signatures; not to mention the added carbon footprint due to the reams of wasted paper. It seems such a laborious process for something that should really take a few seconds. But thanks to technology, online document signing is now a reality and the world is once again as it should be. SignNow is one of these document signing applications. It makes it possible for users to sign their documents instantly, from wherever they are. SignNow's API also makes it possible for developers to integrate this functionality with other applications.

Bizimply API: A Management Tool To Banish The Paperwork

Bizimply, a cloud solution operations management system aimed at restaurant chains and retail stores, provides the Bizimply API that enables developers to access its functionality. Built out of a need for managers to be free from unnecessary paperwork, allowing them to spend more time on driving sales, Bizimply is an easy to use application that allows users to keep an eye on business vitals at any time and see exactly how things are running from shift to shift. API: More Do Equals More Done

It all comes down to simply getting the job done. The bigger the job or team, the trickier the co-ordinating can become, and anyone who's ever had to manage a team and attain goals or rushed deadlines will know the importance of dotting every "i" and crossing every "t". Thanks to technology and clever development, we have access to applications that help to streamline this very process. is one of those; a project management and collaboration application designed to help teams accomplish a number of tasks.'s API also makes this functionality available to developers who may want to integrate this with other applications or build new ones.

Face To Face Communication Between Businesses And Customers: Idiligo Inside API

Idiligo is a web service that aims to make the lines of communication between businesses and customers more streamlined and effective. The company achieves this by providing an online platform that combines real-time video, chat and document sharing that can be a useful tool for things like remote meetings and presentations. The Idiligo Inside API is available to developers who wish to integrate this functionality with other websites and applications.

Rocket Matter: Lawyering in the Cloud

Law practice and case management software has been around for years. These Programs gave lawyers the ability to focus on what they love to do and simplified the recurring tasks that are incurred when running a law practice. However, many lawyers don’t work solely from the comfort of their office where these tools have been easily accessible in the past. Thankfully, we now have “Cloud Based Law Practice Management”, allowing lawyers to access the tools that they use to manage day to day operations anywhere that they have an internet connection.

Improve Business Productivity With Online Collaboration Platforms

For the past few years there has been a sharp rise in self-employed workers as well as workers who perform the majority of their duties from home. Many companies have workers scattered across the globe, making efficient online communication and collaboration an absolute necessity. This post highlights several feature packed and versatile online project management and collaboration platforms.

Google Docs + Podio: The Connected Office

Collaboration platform Podio claims to help you "work the way you want to." To achieve that goal, it means fitting its solution into your workflow. The latest change to the Podio platform has been a frequent customer request: integration with the Google Docs API. The company has added Google to its file upload dialog, with plenty of room for other providers in the future.

Sign Green: Eliminate Paper with Agree'nSign

We have all heard it before: “Just print it, sign it, and fax it over.”  That saying that brings visions of typewriters to mind.  It’s one step ahead of vacuum tube document transfer, but without that cool wooshing effect.  It is slightly better when you can print the form, fill it out in hard copy, and then scan it back in so it can be emailed;  This is still a little silly.  Agree’nSign hopes to do its part to eliminate the step into the physical world of hard copy by facilitating legally binding and defensible electronic signatures. The Agree’nSign API makes it possible to integrate this function into existing applications.