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Are We All Reinventing the Wheel?

This article is focused on SaaS and Application developers considering how to best meet their end-user’s integration and automation needs. These days it's not so much ‘do you integrate?’ but ‘how do you integrate?’ In the end the goal should be to focus on satisfying stakeholders.

Graphcool Announces v2.0 of GraphQL Bindings

Early this year, Graphcool introduced GraphQL bindings. After months of developer feedback and a host of new use case scenarios, version 2.0 of GraphQL bindings is here. 2.0 includes API changes, automated code generation, new tooling, create your own binding options, easier integration and more.

DMG Launches Bitscore Risk API

DMG has launched an API platform to help combat money laundering and fraud in Bitcoin transactions. The Bitscore Risk API provides a Bitscore that offers a measure of "tainted" currency that flows through transactions on a given network. The Bitscore helps quantify risk on a network.

ServiceNow Launches Enterprise DevOps

ServiceNow has new Enterprise DevOps components that expand its Agile Development offerings. The company has new Enterprise DevOps program planning with the ServiceNow SAFe 4.5 (Scaled Agile Framework) product, the Agile Development product, and new Slack and Microsoft Teams integration.