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ProgrammableWeb's Most Popular APIs of 2017 Google MapsFacebook

Previously we looked at APIs that readers follow the most using our tracking functionality. This time we measured the APIs readers show interest in by counting the number of times a user clicks an outbound link to a provider's site. This is a metric that may better signal developer interest.

Instagram Graph API Lets Businesses Schedule Posts

By giving business accounts the ability to schedule posts, Instagram is addressing one of the most requested features from its corporate clients. The newfound power has been added to the Instagram Graph API, which should let businesses take greater control over their Instagram content.

Eve Online ESI API Replacing CREST and XML APIs

A little over a year ago, CCP released its ESI API for Eve Online. One of the notable goals of the ESI API was to replace the CREST and XML APIs within 18 months. Just 14 months after ESI's release, the company has achieved parity, and will sunset the CREST and XML APIs on May 8, 2018.

Edmunds Retiring Open API Program

Edmunds is ending open access to its suite of APIs. The company recently announced that open API keys will soon be disabled (February 15, 2018). Moving forward, the company will work with a select group of strategic partners to fulfill its new API strategy. The company will not offer paid access.