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SDK Name Category
Diigo Android SDK by Tikitoo Education
Factual C# SDK by Factual Data
Factual Node.js SDK by Factual Data
Factual iOS SDK by Factual Data
Factual Android SDK by Factual Data
Betable Android SDK by Betable Gambling
Betable Browser JavaScript SDK by Betable Gambling
Betable Ruby SDK by Francisco Gutierrez Gambling
Betable iOS SDK by Betable Gambling
Twitter Meteor SDK by TapFuse Social
uCoin Python SDK by uCoin Cryptocurrency
Ziggeo Node.js SDK by Ziggeo Video
EveryBlock PHP SDK by Spirited Media News Services
CanvasPop iOS SDK by CanvasPop Photos
Skimlinks JavaScript SDK by David Herron Marketing
Skimlinks Ruby SDK by Kraut Computing Marketing
LemonStand PHP SDK by LemonStand eCommerce
ReferralCandy Python SDK by ReferralCandy Referrals
ReferralCandy Ruby SDK by ReferralCandy Referrals
Rdio Web Service Node.js SDK by Troy Whiteley Music
Rdio Web Service PHP SDK by Rdio Music
Rdio Web Service Ruby SDK by Jeffrey Palm Music
Rdio Web Service Python SDK by Rdio Music
Ziggeo Ruby SDK by Ziggeo Video
Ziggeo Java SDK by Ziggeo Video