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Sension CodeMAX Barcode Reader C++ SDK Images
Stellar Horizon Qt C++ SDK by bnogalm Financial
ABBYY FineReader Engine OCR C++ SDK by DBolical Games
Adobe Illustrator C++ SDK Art
Adobe InDesign Server C++ SDK Design
Adobe InDesign Plugin C++ SDK Design
Adobe Photoshop C++ SDK Images
Adobe Premiere Pro C++ SDK Video
CoinMarketCap Arduino C++ SDK by Reza Pakdel Cryptocurrency
CoinMarketCap Arduino C++ SDK by Brian Lough Cryptocurrency
VKontakte Qt C++ SDK by Ivan Fateev Social
VKontakte C++ SDK by Nikolay Ovchinnikov Social
OpenARLP CPlus SDK Auto
Google Firebase Cloud Storage C++ SDK Storage
MEGA C++ SDK by Jacob Hacker Storage
Kraken C++ SDK by Marco E Bitcoin
Syniverse Voice CPSharp SDK Mobile
Syniverse Voice Message Request CPlus Sample Code Mobile
Syniverse OTT CPlus SDK Mobile
Syniverse Message C++ SDK Mobile
Vuforia Web Services C++ SDK Backend
ByteScout Screen Capturing C++ SDK Video
ByteScout SWF to Video C++ SDK Conversions
Luminati Monetization Windows SDK Monetization