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Discogs C++ SDK by matttyson Music
Sightcorp INSIGHT C++ SDK Recognition
Sightcorp Crowdsight C++ SDK Recognition
AWS Cloud9 C++ SDK Tools
Viscomsoft Scanner ActiveX Windows SDK Images
Vungle C++ SDK Advertising
Alibaba Cloud C++ SDK Cloud
Cerise C++ SDK Currency
LIFX C++ SDK by acnar Internet of Things
LIFX C++ SDK by Marius Meisenzahl Internet of Things
LIFX C++ SDK by Joey Babcock Internet of Things
LIFX C++ SDK by Daniel Kalmar Internet of Things
Mixer CPlus SDK Games
Redmine Qt C++ SDK by Danila Demidov Project Management
Redmine C++ SDK by Kenneth Benzie Project Management
Dronecode C++ SDK Robots
Amadeus QT5 C++ SDK Travel
OpenBR C++ SDK Recognition
Winamp C++ SDK Music
Redmine Qt C++ SDK by Marc Plano-Lesay Project Management
Amazon Alexa Voice Service C++ Device SDK Internet of Things
Amazon Alexa Auto C++ SDK Internet of Things
Quandl C++ SDK by Daniel Cardenas Search
Quandl C/C++ SDK by Zhiwei Search
Otreeba Open Cannabis C++ SDK Drugs