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SDK Name Category
SnapChat SnapKit iOS SDK Chat
RhythmOne Mobile iOS SDK Advertising
Meniga iOS SDK Financial
Places iOS SDK Mapping
Bugfender macOS SDK Monitoring
Slyce Objective-C SDK Search
Bugfender iOS SDK Monitoring
Gfycat Objective-C SDK by Akshay Easwaran Images
Prebid iOS SDK Auctions
Pydio Objective-C SDK File Sharing
FollowAnalytics PhoneGap iOS SDK Analytics
FollowAnalytics iOS SDK Analytics
MSG91 SendOTP Objective-C SDK Messaging
IBM Cloud Video Player iOS SDK Video
MapQuest Maps iOS SDK Mapping
MapQuest Observer Navigation iOS SDK Mapping
Google Maps Objective-C SDK Mapping
Orkiv Epic Commerce Inventory Objective-C SDK Inventory
Adobe Audience Manager iOS SDK Profiles
Adobe Acrobat Mac Objective-C SDK PDF
Adobe Creative iOS SDK Cloud
Mopinion Mobile iOS SDK Feedback
RapidAPI Marketplace Objective-C SDK Marketplace
Flashphoner Mobile iOS SDK VoIP
Verizon ThingSpace Cloud Storage iOS SDK Telephony