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SDK Name Category
Gfycat Perl SDK by Chankey Pathak Images
FoundationDB Perl SDK by Henri Asseily Database
CoinMarketCap Perl SDK by thunderstruck47 Cryptocurrency
VKontakte Perl SDK by hagall Social
Zephyr SOAP Web Services Perl SDK Dashboards
Pushover Perl SDK by Daniel Vinciguerra Messaging
Pushover Perl SDK by Steve Huff Messaging
MEGA Perl SDK by pqx Storage
Poloniex Perl SDK by Vladislav Cryptocurrency
OpenWeatherMap Current Weather Data Perl SDK by Managed Kaos Weather
API2Cart PERL SDK eCommerce
Plotly Perl SDK by Zaki Mughal Tools
GeoNames Perl SDK by Per Henrik Johansen Reference
Hacker News Perl SDK by Neil Bowers News Services
Backlog Perl SDK by Takuya Tsuchida Project Management
Backlog Perl SDK by Horie Issei Project Management
Algolia Perl SDK by Ali Anari Search
Algolia Perl SDK by Vincent HETRU Search
Moodle Perl SDK by Andrew Solomon Learning Management Systems
Github Perl SDK by Johannes Plunien Tools
MailboxValidator Email Validator Perl SDK Marketing
Semantics3 Perl SDK eCommerce
Jenkins Remote Access Perl SDK by Cliffano Subagio Automation
Jenkins Remote Access Perl SDK by pradeepswain2 Automation
Jenkins Remote Access Perl SDK by colinnewell Automation