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SDK Name Category
TowerData Perl by TowerData Data
Flowdock Perl SDK by Cory G. Watson Chat
DigitalOcean Perl SDK by Andre Walker Cloud
Reddit PERL SDK by three18ti Social
Reddit PERL SDK by Jeff Ober Social
Reddit Perl SDK by Curtis Brandt News Services
Evernote Perl SDK by Evernote Personal Information Management
Flickr Perl SDK by Cal Henderson Photos
Simple Order Windows Perl SDK by CyberSource Ordering
Simple Order Linux Perl SDK by CyberSource Ordering
Clicksend PERL by ClickSend Business
Zendesk Perl SDK by Robin Clarke Business
DataDog Perl SDK by Stefan Goethals Data
DataDog Perl SDK by Jennifer Pinkham Data
Docker Remote Perl SDK by alambike Application Development
Docker Remote Perl SDK by Peter Stuifzand Application Development
Google Places PERL SDK by Mohammad S. Anwar Mapping
GitLab Perl SDK by Aran Deltac Application Development
Basecamp Perl SDK by Al Newkirk Collaboration
Wunderground Perl SDK by John Lifesy Weather
eBay Perl SDK by Tim Keefer eCommerce
Base Commerce PERL SDK Payments
AlchemyAPI SDK Natural Language Processing