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SDK Name Category
Geocodio Perl SDK by Mark Allen Mapping
Redmine Perl SDK by Electric Cloud Project Management
Redmine Perl SDK by Fedor Borshev Project Management
Redmine Perl SDK by Anton Soldatov Project Management
Redmine Perl SDK by Gitpan Project Management
Redmine Perl SDK by Schoorens Project Management
Amadeus PERL SDK Travel
Redmine Perl SDK by Celogeek Project Management
LiveJournal XML-RPC Perl SDK by Graham Blogging
Elastic Email Web Client Perl SDK Email
OpenCage Geocode Perl SDK Mapping
Telstra Programmable Network Perl SDK Networking
IPInfoDB Perl SDK by Darren Chamberlain Mapping Perl SDK by lifeson2112 Reference
GrabzIt Perl SDK Tools
Postmark Perl SDK by Ido Perlmuter Email
Otreeba Open Cannabis Perl SDK Drugs
Flowdock Perl SDK by Sam Tran Chat
Flowdock Perl SDK by Cory G. Watson Chat
Strava Perl SDK by Leon Wright Social
Strava Perl SDK by Fred Moyer Social
Gfycat Perl SDK by Chankey Pathak Images
FoundationDB Perl SDK by Henri Asseily Database
CoinMarketCap Perl SDK by thunderstruck47 Cryptocurrency
VKontakte Perl SDK by hagall Social