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SDK Name Category
Apache Kafka Rust SDK by Yousuf Fauzan Streaming
Apache Kafka Erlang SDK by Milind Streaming
Apache Kafka Producer Erlang SDK by Helpshift Streaming
Nylas OCaml SDK by Esper Email
TurtleCoin Wallet Nim SDK by anonanonymous Cryptocurrency
Fugue Shell SDK by ricardofugue Security
Crowdin PowerShell SDK Localization
SignRequest TypeScript SDK by Singleware Electronic Signature
ConnectWise PowerShell SDK by alexeypav Enterprise
ConnectWise Automate TypeScript SDK by VC3 Enterprise
ConnectWise PowerShell SDK by LockstepGroup Enterprise
ConnectWise PowerShell SDK by James Gesbeck Enterprise
ConnectWise PowerShell SDK by Brian Enterprise
ConnectWise Automate PowerShell SDK by Gavin Stone Enterprise
ConnectWise Manage PowerShell SDK by LabTech Consulting Enterprise
Shutterstock TypeScript SDK by Ga Photos
DataCite Shell SDK by Kyle Banerjee Data
Elixxir Arrow SDK Blockchain
Fastly Shell SDK by Vinh Quốc Nguyễn Cloud
Sifter PowerShell SDK by Matthew Sneeden Tools
CryptoCompare Crystal SDK by Matt Boldt Cryptocurrency
CryptoCompare Rust SDK by Henning Krause Cryptocurrency
Postmates Delivery Nim SDK by James Albert Transportation
football data TypeScript SDK by Nestor Alain Sports
Okta PowerShell SDK by Andre Perrot Security