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SDK Name Category
Pushover Shell SDK by SAndras Messaging
Pushover Rust SDK by Steven Blake Messaging
Pushover Shell SDK by Knut Kohl Messaging
Pushover D SDK by Kaleidic Forks Messaging
Pushover PowerShell SDK by Kieranties Messaging
Eventful TypeScript SDK by Liana Mikulin Events
Indeed TypeScript SDK by micustudio Jobs
OpenWeatherMap Crystal SDK by Chris Larsen Weather
OpenWeatherMap Current Weather Data Xamarin SDK by Asif Adamsha Weather
OpenWeatherMap Xojo SDK by UBogun Weather
OpenWeatherMap Current Weather Data Bash SDK by Managed Kaos Weather
SolusVM Zabbix Shell SDK by qwsj Hosting
Todoist REST Typescript SDK by ManuKle Personal Information Management
OpenWeatherMap Current Weather Data AutoIt SDK by wuuyi123 Weather
Plotly Julia SDK by Shilei Zheng Tools
Plotly Squirrel SDK by Electric Imp Tools
Plotly Julia SDK by Spencer Lyon Tools
GeoNames Drupal SDK by lyricnz Reference
GeoNames Logstash SDK by Luis Pallares Reference
Hacker News Rust SDK by Trevor Bentley News Services
Hacker News Crystal SDK by Dan News Services
Backlog Rust SDK by Hideo Hattori Project Management
Algolia Crystal SDK by Lamonte Search
Algolia Elm SDK by Gianluca Bargelli Search
Algolia Erlang SDK by Łukasz Lalik Search