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SDK Name Category
Netatmo Weather Scala SDK by Pär A Karlsson Internet of Things
Horizen Sidechains Scala SDK Blockchain
Telegram Bot Scala SDK by Hüseyin ZENGİN Bots
Telegram Bot Scala SDK by Yura Slinkin Bots
Telegram Bot Scala SDK by bot4s Bots
CoinPayments Scala SDK by Alex Dupre Payments
Monzo Scala SDK by Richy HBM Banking
Binance Scala SDK by Andrey Patceev Cryptocurrency
TeamCity Scala/Java SDK by Wix Incubator Project Management
IronCore IronOxide Scala SDK Privacy
Brainrex Scala SDK Cryptocurrency
PubNub Scala SDK Application Development
MBTA Scala SDK by Deep Grant Transportation
Apache Kafka Scala SDK by Elodina Streaming
FaunaDB Scala SDK Database
BART Scala SDK by Scott Livingston Transportation
Cucumber Scala SDK Testing
Fastly Scala SDK by The Guardian Cloud
skeleton-script Scala SDK by Jacob Winch Subscriptions
bitflyer Scala SDK by Junichi Kato Bitcoin
Rakuten Scala SDK by Junichi Kato eCommerce
LiteGo Scala SDK Bitcoin
Mattermost Scala SDK by John Wass Messaging
Crossref Scala SDK by Stephen Carman Reference
Crossref Scala SDK by Sebastian Schüpbach Reference