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SDK Name Category
LIFX Scala SDK by Cameron Shellum Internet of Things
Webfleet Kafka Connector Scala SDK by Flix.TECH Enterprise
OpenCage Geocoder Scala SDK by Nuno Guerreiro Mapping
Redmine Scala SDK by Exon IT Project Management
Amadeus Synchronous Scala SDK Travel
Amadeus Asynchronous Scala SDK Travel
Questrade Scala SDK by Corey Auger Marketplace
Questrade Scala SDK by Curtis Muller Marketplace
Toodledo Scala SDK by kchapl Personal Information Management
Quandl Scala SDK by Kaiwalya Kher Search
Quandl Scala SDK by iamtrask Search
Postmark Scala SDK by Seb Richards Email
Postmark Scala SDK by NICTA Email
Postmark Scala SDK by Cristian Vrabie Email
Strava AKKA Scala SDK by Blair Garrett Social
Otreeba Open Cannabis Scala SDK Drugs
Otreeba Open Cannabis Async Scala SDK Drugs
Otreeba Open Cannabis Akka Scala SDK Drugs
Strava Scala SDK by Geraint Jones Social
Strava Scala SDK by Christopher Poenaru Social
Ably Scala SDK Messaging
Revolut Open Banking Scala SDK by Alex Afanasev Financial
Datomic Client Scala SDK by Daniel James Database
Pushover Scala SDK by 47 Degrees Messaging
OpenWeatherMap Current Weather Data Scala SDK by Nick Dietrich Weather