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SDK Name Category
LIFX R SDK by Carl Boettiger Internet of Things
R-Cryptocurrencies R SDK by GinzaLion Cryptocurrency
OpenCage Geocoder R SDK by rOpenSci Mapping
Geocodio R SDK by boB Rudis Mapping
Redmine R SDK by Adam Edgley Project Management
Synapse R SDK Science
CircleCI R SDK by the cloudyr project Tools
Quandl R SDK by Clayton Yochum Search
Strava R SDK by Michael Pearmain Social
Strava R SDK by Pedro Villarroel Social
Strava R SDK by Marcus W Beck Social
Strava R SDK by Jarrod Olson Social
Eloqua R SDK by Jeremiah Coleman Enterprise
Stellar Horizon R SDK by Oliver Frost Financial
Airtable R SDK by jaeseung yum Spreadsheets
Airtable R SDK by Darko Bergant Spreadsheets
Vainglory Game Data Service R SDK by Nathan Carter Games
VKontakte R SDK by Konstantin Rudenok Social
VKontakte R SDK by Dmitriy Sorokin Social
Indeed R SDK by Geofry Lawton Jobs
Indeed R SDK by Sam Kleiner Jobs
OpenWeatherMap R SDK by Mukul Chaware Weather
1Broker R SDK by Satoshi Report Bitcoin
GeoNames R SDK by Edzer Pebesma and Barry Rowlingson Reference
Algorithimia R SDK Algorithms