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SDK Name Category Java SDK by Emmett Butler Analytics JavaScript SDK by Emmett J. Butler Analytics Android SDK by Analytics iOS SDK by Analytics
Litmus JavaScript SDK by Jeremy Peter Email
Litmus Ruby SDK by Mattew Fawcett Email
Litmus PHP SDK by Guillaume Luchet Email
Elasticode Objective-C SDK by Elasticode Application Development
SnapCard Android SDK by SnapCard Cryptocurrency
SnapCard iOS SDK by SnapCard Cryptocurrency
GWT JavaScript SDK by GWT Application Development
Knowtify Node.js SDK by Knowtify Notifications
Knowtify Ruby SDK by Knowtify Notifications
CometChat Android SDK by CometChat Chat
CometChat iOS SDK by CometChat Chat
Payfirma Push Android SDK by Payfirma Payments
Payfirma Push iOS SDK by Payfirma Payments
GoCardless Pro PHP SDK by GoCardless Payments
GoCardless Pro Java SDK by GoCardless Payments
GoCardless Pro Python SDK by GoCardless Payments
GoCardless Pro Ruby SDK by GoCardless Payments
Paysera Notification PHP SDK by Paysera Notifications
Mailrelay Ruby SDK by Mailrelay Email
Neustar Python SDK by Neustar Real Time