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Food AngularJS SDK Food
Food Java SDK Food
Food Android SDK Food
Satori RTM Ruby SDK Data
Satori RTM PHP SDK Data
VKontakte Rust SDK by Konstantin Stepanov Social
VKontakte Python SDK by Vladislav Sedov Social
VKontakte Objective-C SDK by Mikhail Social
VKontakte Java SDK by Anton Batiaev Social
VKontakte Go SDK by Yanple Social
VKontakte Java SDK by Alexandr Social
VKontakte WordPress PHP SDK by Anatoly Yumashev Social
Falkonry C# SDK Machine Learning
Falkonry Java SDK Machine Learning
VKontakte Java SDK by Ivan-Alone Social
VKontakte R SDK by Konstantin Rudenok Social
VKontakte JavaScript SDK by Eugene Pogrebnyak Social
VKontakte Java SDK by Ivanisenko Roman Social
VKontakte C# SDK by Bohdan Shtepan Social
VKontakte Ruby on Rails SDK by HeyJimmy Social
VKontakte Nim SDK by VK Brain Social
VKontakte Python SDK by Anton Bryzgalov Social
VKontakte PHP SDK by Andrei Sosnov Social
VKontakte Node.js SDK by Anatoly Strashkevich Social
VKontakte Ruby SDK by Vsevolod Romashov Social