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Backlink Checker
SEO 09.06.2017
uProc Form Validator for Wordpress
Validation 06.17.2017
Jobs 05.20.2017 for Google Sheets
Machine Learning 02.09.2017
CustomSync for The Education Edge
Education 07.22.2016
Flex Mail
Mail 10.13.2015
Data Visualizer Hack with AlchemyAPI
Data 06.24.2015
CensusMapper app: Mashup Census data with Bing maps
Mapping 11.04.2014
Whereabouts London
Data 10.27.2014
Data 10.12.2014
Magellan Strategies
Data 10.12.2014 Indian Railways
Transportation 10.09.2014
BizVizz App
Taxes 09.12.2014
Wifi and Plugs
Mapping 04.22.2014
KPI watchdog
Reporting 03.11.2014
Top Secret America
Mapping 11.16.2013
Sports 09.20.2013
Sports 09.20.2013
Mobile 08.22.2013
Social 06.28.2013
Noodler Car Comparison
Transportation 03.04.2013
Open City Agora
Mapping 12.13.2012
Sports 12.02.2012
TTC Pass
Transportation 08.27.2012
#docs ("pound docs")
Tools 07.01.2012