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Quakes in the Last 24 hours
Mobile 12.23.2006
Location based News
News Services 12.22.2006
Digg Mobile
News Services 12.21.2006
Trulia Real Estate Mobilized
Real Estate 12.19.2006
MSN Spaces on Your Phone
Blogging 12.18.2006
Mobile Live Shopping
Messaging 12.14.2006
Newscloud on Mobile Phone
News Services 12.13.2006
Mobile Shopping on eBay
Auctions 12.06.2006
Search 11.28.2006
Pandaf Golf Battle
Messaging 11.06.2006
Zillow To Go
Real Estate 11.03.2006
Search Yahoo Answers by Phone
Search 10.24.2006
Mobile Search on Urban Dictionary
Language 10.12.2006
Shopwiki to go
eCommerce 10.06.2006
411Sync Travel
Travel 10.03.2006
Search Rhapsody by Phone
Music 09.26.2006
Live Documents
Messaging 09.12.2006
Mobile Windows Expo Live
eCommerce 08.26.2006
WAP Interface to Zooomr
Mobile 08.22.2006 Deals via Phone
eCommerce 08.12.2006
Real time apartment listings
Messaging 08.11.2006
Photos from Friendster on Phone
Mobile 08.02.2006
Find Parking by Phone
Mobile 07.17.2006
MySpace Photos on Mobile Phones
Messaging 07.15.2006
Kayak Mobile
Mobile 07.10.2006