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GetSentiment Restaurant Reviews
Customer Relationship Management 02.04.2016
MeaningCloud Add-in for Excel
Sentiment 03.13.2015
Text Analysis in Google Spreadsheet
Text 09.24.2014
Facebook Sentiment Analysis Tool
Sentiment 02.03.2014
Sentiment 10.29.2013
Social 09.30.2013
Weather Sentiment Prediction
Weather 04.11.2012
Music 11.17.2010
Opinion Crawl
Reputation 05.16.2010
Smiley Tweet
Humor 05.16.2009
Twitter Mood Reader
Sentiment 04.30.2009
TimesPeople Mood Reader
Sentiment 04.29.2009
Sentiment 04.18.2009
Twitter Sentiment
Charts 04.10.2009