Sports data can be useful for developers in countless ways. And the best way to connect to sports data is via an Application Programming Interface (API). If a developer wants to create an application that notifiies users about live scores, or for finding odds and betting, or for following fantasy players or eSports, they can tap into the proper API to get the job done. Developers wishing to arm applications with data from MLB baseball, NBA or NCAA basketball, Premiere League, Serie A, Bundesliga or La Liga soccer, NFL football, fantasy sports, and other sports including tennis, skiing, can look to the Sports categogry of the ProgrammableWeb API directory fo discover the best Sports API for their purposes. ProgrammableWeb features hundreds of Sports APIs for dozens of sports ranging from Auto Racing to Cricket to Horse Racing to Zumba. To receive updates about Sports APIs, click the TRACK THIS CATEGORY button below. And, if you want updates from other ProgrammableWeb categories, be sure to click the track button on those category pages as well.