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Uber Calculator & Statistics
Transportation 05.20.2015
STAT!Ref App
Healthcare 09.12.2014
UK Economic Indicators Dashboard
Statistics 08.22.2013
Road Kill Map
Mapping 08.18.2013
World Statistics
Statistics 02.23.2013
Analytics Portfolio
Analytics 11.03.2012
Metro Mapper
Mapping 10.16.2012
Statistics 04.24.2012
Etsy Shop Value Calculator
eCommerce 12.07.2011
Black Swan Events
Reference 08.22.2011
Statistics 08.31.2010
Twittsdaq Twitter Profile Statistics
Statistics 07.31.2010
#LinS Stats on Your LinkedIn Social Graph
Social 11.27.2009
Etsy Hacks: Shop Value
eCommerce 03.12.2009
Jessica's Automated Gaming
Statistics 03.03.2009
Geographical Media
News Services 02.25.2009
US Crime Statistics
Widgets 10.07.2008
Mapping 05.20.2008
Rentals 01.12.2008
ACT Scores by US State
Statistics 12.05.2007
Alexa graphs on Cell Phone
Mobile 10.15.2007
Popular Baby Names
Babies 10.02.2007
Dugg Analytics
News Services 07.21.2007
YouTube Top Video Data
Statistics 07.20.2007
Self Referential Tumblr
Analytics 06.28.2007