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How To Contact ProgrammableWeb

As the official journal and directory of the API Economy, ProgrammableWeb is not just a news and information source.  ProgrammableWeb is also a community of developers, API providers and other API economy stakeholders.  The site's origins lie in the democratization of information about Web-based application programming interfaces, the applications that use them, and the tools and utilities that ease their deployment and implementation.  Our goal at ProgrammableWeb is always to be as approachable as possible. There are a variety of ways you can reach us.

Inquiries regarding ProgrammableWeb's editorial content and directories

If you have a news tip, a question about submitting contributed posts or press releases (both of which we publish), or an inquiry about one of our popular directories (APIs, Mashups, Frameworks/Libraries/SDKs, How-Tos, Events, or Contests) your best bet is to blast our editorial team using the email alias  That's also a good way to reach us for just about anything having to do with ProgrammableWeb (including problems with our Web site, coming to work for us, etc.).  However, if your thirst for contacting us cannot be quenched without having a real human's email address, then who are we to stop you?  As of 2014, most of our writers are publishing contact information right on their articles.  So, if you're looking to contact a specific writer, your best bet is to look for a means of contacting them on an article they've written.  If all else fails, you're always welcome to reach out to the follow editors who live in ProgrammableWeb's nerve center: David Berlind, editor-in-chief, Wendell Santos, editor, Kevin Sundstrom, associate editor, Please be aware that the ProgrammableWeb editorial team is innundated with story ideas every day and that it is impossible for us to reply to every pitch.  But we will try our best.

Inquiries regarding advertising, and sponsorships

As much as we would like to operate as a non-profit organization the way the National Football League does, we are neither a "business league" or a "trade association." We therefore rely on the stakeholders in the API economy to support our cause through advertising, sponsorships, and other business relationships (eg: exhibiting at a ProgrammableWeb event).  Should you wish to join the ranks of the many advertisers and sponsors who have benefited from exposure on ProgrammableWeb, please click over to the page that we've dedicated to your support (and yes! We are eternally grateful for your support!).

Well alright; If you must

Despite the United States Postal Service's continual rise in stamp prices and its threats to cancel Saturday delivery, some people still insist on snail-mailing stuff to us.  While our preference is to be contacted over email, you are welcome to lick and stick an envelope and send it to the address below. It will eventually reach the ProgrammableWeb nerve center where we will try our darndest to reply over email. ProgrammableWeb c/o Mulesoft 415 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94105