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Previous contests

All the previous contests that we've known about.

Innova Challenge Big Data BBVA announces the first international competition aimed at the developer community, which it invites to design new services, applications and content based on dissociated card transaction data obtained from an API that the bank will provide. 2013-12-03
Bulletin Developer Contest Bulletin is kicking off our very first Developer Contest for the month of November. Our first challenge is to create an application that successfully integrates with Bulletin. We are looking for something both innovative and useful that also pairs well with our software. 2013-11-30
AIG Rugby Innovation Challenge Tackle big data and create apps that bring rugby to the masses. Opta data including USA Rugby & All Blacks stats are available to competition participants. $85,000 in prizes. 2013-10-09
JotForm Developer API Competition Enter the JotForm API developer competition to create amazing apps for the community. Win $5000 for the best app or give a shot on the categorical apps for $500. 2013-09-24
The Dashing Widget Challenge Create widgets for Dashing, the exceptionally handsome, open source dashboard framework. $1,000 in prizes. 2013-09-12
HarperCollins BookSmash Challenge HarperCollins Publishers will award $25,000 to the best web & mobile apps that use the OpenBook API to improve reading and book/author discovery. Full works of a select group of author innovators will be available to competition participants. 2013-09-05
Viggle App Jam Define the second screen experience — create TV companion apps with Viggle. $50,000 in prizes. 2013-08-22
MTA AT&T App Quest Change the way 8.5 million people commute every day — create the transit app of the future. $50,000 in prizes. New & existing apps utilizing MTA data/API welcome. 2013-08-22
Jamendo App Contest The Jamendo App Contest, Sponsored by 3scale and GitHub, is calling for developers to think outside the box. 2013-06-09
2013 SmartFile Platform Bake-Off Calling all college students in the state of Indiana! WIN cold, hard cash by entering the 2013 SmartFile Platform Bake-Off. This is a programming and design challenge created to foster awareness about innovate possibilities around APIs and open source programming. Lots of teams will compete, but only three will walk with the glory and the green! 2013-04-18
Photo Hack Day 4 Aviary and Facebook present: Photo Hack Day 4, an exciting, weekend-long coding marathon, brings together talented developers and designers to build amazing applications using web and mobile photo API's. Teams compete to create the most inspiring and innovative apps, gunning to win big prize money, cool tech gear, and the respect and wonderment of their peers in the startup community. 2013-04-07
OnTime API App Competition Create that cool OnTime app or integration you've always wanted, and win great prizes while you're at it! As an added bonus, these apps and integrations can potentially reach tens of thousands of OnTime users around the world. Grand prize is an iMac! 2013-03-29
OnTime API App Competition Create that cool OnTime app or integration you've always wanted, and win great prizes while you're at it! As an added bonus, these apps and integrations can potentially reach tens of thousands of OnTime users around the world. Just submit an app, and you will be eligible to win one of 10 great prizes. 2013-03-29
Forex Freestyle App Challenge FXCM challenges software developers to create innovative and engaging apps that will help the public participate in forex trading. Using FXCMs ForexConnect API, developers can build apps including games, news alerts, trading functionality, currency converters, educational content, and more. Over $50,000 in prizes will be awarded to the best applications. 2013-02-28
Mag+s Unleash the Content Mag+s Unleash the Content Contest allows iOS developers .exclusive non-commercial access to the new Mag+ SDKa set of tools for building a content-reading app the way you think it should work. First prize is $2,500 cash and a six-month commercial license for the SDK, a $21,000 value. 2013-02-22
AT&T Hackathon AT&T Hackathon @ CES is an event produced by the AT&T Developer Program that is designed for attendees (technical & non-technical) to build apps/mobile apps, get fed, compete for prizes across different categories and most importantly: meet new people and scout for teammates to work on new or current projects. Our Hackathon will introduce you to the latest cutting edge tools to help deploy your own app with a website backend, fully hosted in the cloud. 2013-01-06
2012 GENFuzion Developer Challenge 2nd annual developer contest starts September 3, 2012 and ends in January, 2013. This year Polycom has teamed up with GENBAND to provide more APIs and more cash prizes to the top applications submitted. We invite developers from all over the globe to participate in our 2012 GENFuzion Developer Challenge. There is no cost to enter the contest & submit your favorite communications-enabled applications for a chance to win top dollar and have your work shown to the top telecommunications operators and large enterprises around the world. 1st place is $20,000! 2013-01-01
Twilio Weekly Contest At Twilio we like to encourage developers to build something awesome with a Twilio-powered contest. As a language agnostic platform for cloud communications, we want developers of every shape, size and stripe to solve problems and grab a little glory using Twilio. To kickstart the creative process, weve run these developer contests for over a year. 2012-12-31
Nexmo Weekly Contest Nexmo's contests for developers are designed to encourage developers to find new ways to use the Nexmo SMS API. 2012-12-31
Infusionsoft Battle of the Apps Do you have a great idea for an Infusionsoft App, integration or plug-in that will enhance the Infusionsoft user experience? Then you have a shot at being crowned the Kick Apps Champion in the Battle of the Apps 2013. To enter the ring you will be required to leverage Infusionsoft's API as you develop a fresh, innovative solution that our customers will love. In addition to winning the championship title, you will be handsomely rewarded with prizes listed below. Helpful links: Infusionsoft Marketplace Developer Center Developer Forums Developer Update Sign up 2012-12-31
AllJoyn Peer-2-Peer App Challenge Qualcomm invites software developers to create innovative commercial Android-based games, and social and educational apps that use the AllJoyn SDK from Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. AllJoyn is an open-source application development framework that enables proximity-based device-to-device communication that connects people in real-time. The Grand Prize is 75,000$ 2012-12-27
Old MacDonald Hack Day Dwolla plans to celebrate their 2nd birthday with a hackathon that features some pretty interesting prizes: 1. Cow 2. Pig 3. Rooster 2012-12-02
Sensis Product Hack Camp 33 Hours of brainstorming, pitching, designing, building, solving, eating, drinking, dreaming, scheming and winning a share of $15,000 of cash and prizes. 2012-11-25
AT&T Mobile App Hackathon - Las Vegas Mobile App Hackathon is an event produced by the AT&T Developer Program that is designed for attendees (technical & non-technical) to build apps/mobile apps, get fed, compete for prizes across different categories and most importantly: meet new people and scout for teammates to work on new or current projects 2012-11-17
Buddycloud Hackathon Details to come... Check back! 2012-11-11
AT&T Mobile App Hackathon - Boston Mobile App Hackathon is an event produced by the AT&T Developer Program that is designed for attendees (technical & non-technical) to build apps/mobile apps, get fed, compete for prizes across different categories and most importantly: meet new people and scout for teammates to work on new or current projects. 2012-11-03
Personal Platform Office Apps Developer Contest The Office Apps contest presented by Personal is part 2 of a 2 part $5,000 Contest. The challenge is to build an app to make it easier to manage your personal information in the office. 2012-10-31
AT&T Mobile App Hackathon - Social Good (SF) Mobile App Hackathon is an event produced by the AT&T Developer Program that is designed for attendees (technical & non-technical) to build apps/mobile apps, get fed, compete for prizes across different categories and most importantly: meet new people and scout for teammates to work on new or current projects. 2012-10-27
Personal Platform Family Apps Developer Contest The Family Apps contest presented by Personal is part 1 of a 2 part $5,000 contest. The challenge is to build an app to help parents manage the information in their lives. 2012-10-17
Random Hacks of Kindness, ICCM The International Conference of Crisis Mappers unites mappers, humanitarians, technologists and more. Random Hacks of Kindness is an event and community that brings together similar minds for quick sprint-like hacks aimed at solving real world problems. 2012-10-14
Election Hackathon 2012 The Election Hackathon is a chance for developers to show off their skills and shed light on the upcoming Presidential Elections. The hackathon will take place from Saturday, October 6th to Sunday October 7th. We are looking for innovative, useful and relevant apps that leverage data from The Washington Post, NPR, and Sunlight Labs API's, as well as any other additional sources you think may be relevant. At the end of the hackathon, the developers who create the best, most inspiring apps will receive prizes in various categories. 2012-10-07
AT&T Mobile App Hackathon - MIT Mobile App Hackathon is an event produced by the AT&T Developer Program that is designed for attendees (technical & non-technical) to build apps/mobile apps, get fed, compete for prizes across different categories and most importantly: meet new people and scout for teammates to work on new or current projects. 2012-10-06
Rule the Beach: Hack Your Way into Viddy Team Viddy would like to invite you to join the Silicon Beach community, by entering our "Rule the Beach: Hack Your Way into Viddy" Developers Competition. Today at we are officially launching our public API, as well as a chance for developers to win a $10,000 Cash Prize and a trip to LA to interview for a position at Viddy! To enter, request permission to our API, and build the most unique & amazing app using it! 2012-09-28
DevLab by AT&T Join us for the 2012 DevLab by AT&T. DevLab is a hands-on programming workshop focused on helping software developers deliver best-of-breed mobile applications in today's diverse environment of mobile operating systems and devices. 2012-09-25
The MintChip Challenge The Royal Canadian Mint MintChip Challenge invites software developers to create innovative digital payment applications using MintChip, a R&D phase technology available only to challenge participants. Developers and the public are also encouraged to share ideas for how a digital currency can be used. Winner gets 50,000 dollars in gold coins. 2012-09-24
AT&T Mobile App Hackathon Education (Dallas) This very special AT&T Mobile App Hackathon Education, an event produced by the AT&T Developer Program and AT&T Aspire, is designed for attendees both technical & non-technical to build apps/mobile apps to benefit our education system. 2012-09-15
Fantasy football developer challenge is thrilled to offer the 2012 Fantasy Football Developer Challenge with $75,000 in total prizes! Three total prizes will be awarded. The Grand Prize winner will receive $60,000 while First Place is worth $10,000 and Second Place gets $5,000. 2012-09-05
AT&T Mobile App Hackathon - Denver Mobile App Hackathon is an event produced by the AT&T Developer Program that is designed for attendees (technical & non-technical) to build apps/mobile apps, get fed, compete for prizes across different categories and most importantly: meet new people and scout for teammates to work on new or current projects. Our hackathon will introduce you to the latest cutting edge tools to help deploy your own app with a website backend, fully hosted in the cloud. 2012-08-18
AT&T Mobile App Hackathon AT&T Mobile App Hackathon Miami is an event produced by the AT&T Developer Program, ESENEM, South Florida Android Developers Group, and Miami Ruby Brigade. It is designed for attendees (technical & non-technical) to share ideas, work together and build great mobile applications! Our hackathon will introduce you to some of the latest cutting edge tools to help deploy your own app with a website backend, fully hosted in the cloud. 2012-08-12
Walgreens Mobile Photo Hack Day Walgreens is looking to enlist the best of the best in mobile photo application development. Your mission if you choose to accept it is to and create a groundbreaking mobile photo application using our QuickPrints SDK. $5,000 in cash prizes and complimentary mentoring and residency within TechNexus incubator and collaboration center for 6 months. 2012-08-11
Springer API Challenge 2.0 Springer announces the Springer API (Application Programming Interface) Challenge 2.0, its second competition for original, non-commercial applications using its freely available metadata and content APIs. The Springer API Challenge 1.0 asked participants to develop applications that offer users new ways to find, visualize, and manipulate relevant data drawn from Springers large and growing content database 2012-05-31
API Mashup Contest After two successful rounds in 2011, the API Mashup Contest, the biggest API playground in the world, is here again. New partners are supporting the project, and the judging panel has some great names. The API Mashup contest invites Developers to submit applications that use publicly available APIs to augment their application functionality. The winning submissions stand to win an Amazon Kindle Fire along with bundle of services, worth $5K for their startup. The best projects will receive further help, including mentoring and links to angel investors. 2012-05-31
NYC Media Lab Media Mash 2012 is an application challenge from NYC Media Lab to create innovative media mashups using data, APIs, and feeds from leading media and technology companies. Winners will receive $10,000 in cash prizes as well as promotional exposure. Prizes will be awarded for the most innovative applications. 2012-05-29
SAPI Bounty #1 Sensis is challenging developers to create the best zombie app using the SAPI. Top prize is $2,500. 2012-05-21
OpenTok iOS Developer Contest The OpenTok iOS SDK is now available! Were kicking it off with a developer contest to see what kind of new, creative projects the community comes up with. 2012-04-22
AT&T San Diego App Challenge Mayor Sanders and the City of San Diego are challenging the software developer community to create new apps using city and partner data. Theyre also inviting the public to share their ideas for innovative new apps. Winners will receive $50,000 in cash prizes as well as promotional exposure. Prizes will be awarded for apps that enhance city services and quality of life for San Diegans, and that use the data in innovative ways. Submitted apps can run on the web, desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones. The public is encouraged to share application ideas related to energy, tourism, economic development, transportation, the environment, health and other areas. 2012-04-11
Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen App Challenge Samsung invites software developers to create S Pen-integrated apps for Galaxy Note using the S Pen SDK. Winners will receive $205,000 in cash and prizes as well as promotional exposure and recognition in Samsung digital social media. Prizes will be awarded for the best overall apps and for category honorable mention awards in games, media, sports, social, lifestyle, travel, education, productivity, entertainment, and other. 2012-04-02
MTD App Challenge The App Challenge is a contest to see who can make the best application using v2.0 of MTD's API. MTD is sponsoring this challenge so that customers can find apps that improve rider experience. Let's see what kind of apps the best and brightest in our community can craft! The winner gets $1,000. 2012-02-20 Developer Challenge Create local apps using Yellow Pages content. The winner gets $5,000 and a trip to SXSW to show off what you made. 2012-02-19 Developers Contest Create ground-breaking apps for families that run on the Family Graph API. $10,000 prize for the winner. 2012-02-15
160 Characters of Love Challange Whats more romantic than an SMS? Thats what we thought too - not much. Prove it by building something this Valentines Day that uses Nexmo. It can be a web site, a mobile application, or just a one time hack to express the love you have for your valentine in a most creative - okay, and a bit geeky - way. 2012-02-14
Tour PDX App Contest Portland is an epicenter for coffee, cuisine, outdoor activity, music and much, much more. Create an app that makes it easy for visitors to get to these places using TriMet's data. Get visitors talking about how easy it is to get around our awesome city. 2012-02-01
NYC BigApps 3.0 $10,000 grand prize, 12 other prizes from $2,000 (popular choice 2nd place) to $5,000 (second place overall). 2012-01-25
RootsTech 2012 Developer Challenge We invite developers interested in genealogy to create an application or service that introduces a compelling new concept or innovation for family history. $5,000 prize for the winner and the chance for your app to be distributed to the eager 20M and growing genealogy market. RootsTech is also offering a special discounted price to developers, saving $60 off the full price ($129 in total) for the RootsTech 2012 Conference. 2012-01-15
Twilio Netbook Mondays A netbook awarded every week. New contests ongoing 2011-12-31
Kynetx Developer Contests New contest category and prizes announced every two weeks. 2011-12-31
4Shared Developer Contests Best app with 4shared API will get $5,000 reward each month 2011-12-31
Zappos API Hackathon The Zappos API Hackathon Hack-a-long. What does it mean? On Monday, Dec 12th, a theme will be posted here on this blog. You have one week to hack up a project that fits this theme. We will award three $100 gift cards for to the winners of the following categories: Best Mashup, Best Overall, and Most Fun and Weird. Who is going to decide the winner? Zappos employees! 2011-12-16
Shoestrings launch contest Use the Shoeboxed API to come up with a novel integration or application. Grand prize winner will receive a full marketing package to promote their new integration to our user base and beyond, and an Interactive Pass to join the Shoeboxed team at SXSW in March 2012. 2011-12-15
TradeKing $100K API Campus Challenge Develop investment-focused apps using TradeKing's API. Prize money is planned for a winner from each of the 20 participating schools ($2,000), as well as at the divisional ($4,000) and national ($24,000) levels. 2011-12-12
Sierra Trading Post's King of The Code Monkeys Challenge Use the Sierra API and win $4,000 in cash and prizes which includes cash, gift cards, year supply of pizzas & Mountain Dews. 2011-12-11
Google-sponsored APIMashupContest Contest for European based developers with an idea to build something using an API. Contestants will get connected to Jury members who are going to provide feedback on your project. Prizes from our sponsors will help make your first steps in business easier. 2011-11-30
Samsung "Free The TV Challenge" Samsung's second annual "Free The TV Challenge" gives mobile and TV app developers the chance to create a new breed of "Converged Apps" using version 2.5 of their SDK. Samsung is offering $225,000 in cash and prizes for the most innovative converged apps that enable an interactive home entertainment experience between Samsung TVs and other devices. 2011-11-29
klickTel Open-API Hackathon Use the klickTel Open API to come up with an app or website that integrates local search and data from the klickTel phone book and yellow pages. First prize: 5,000 EUR. Second prize: 3,000 EUR. Third prize: 1,000 EUR. 2011-11-27
HackFest Brisbane HackFest Brisbane is a one day mini version of the competition designed to stimulate ideas for and to promote hack::Brisbane. 2011-11-26
Binpress Mobile Contest Win over $20,000 in cash and prizes will be awared to three winners. Mobile developers should pick their best feature, module or UI component that can be packaged and re-used and publish it on Binpress. 2011-11-26
SAPI Hackathon Android & iOS developers compete in teams to build the best MVP (Minimum Viable Product) applications that leverage SAPI. Winning team will receive a $10,000 cash prize & two full days of product design support from Sensis Head of UX and Design & promotional support through the Sensis Developers Centre API gallery. 2011-11-20
Education Hack Day 80 software developers and designers will be taking ideas that have been crowdsourced from local teachers and administrators and building applications that help solve some education-related problems at Baltimore's first Education Hack Day. 2011-11-13
Add to Trip Hackathon We welcome designers and developers everywhere to build a cool travel app on the Add to Trip API. Entries will be eligible for $10,000 in cash prizes. Contestants will compete in hackathons around the country, but entries will be considered no matter where in the world they come from. 2011-10-31
The Pusher Challenge Add Pusher to your app to make it realtime. Grand prize winner receives a Macbook Air and a ticket to the KRTConf on November 7-8th. 2011-10-16
Viadeo Dev Challenge Build a Social App with Viadeos Graph API. Winner will receive $10K in cash, media coverage from TheNextWeb and one year of Free-Connect service. 2011-10-14
Amazon AWS Startup Challenge $50,000 in cash and $50,000 in AWS credits to winner. Finalists get $10,000 in AWS credits. 2011-10-02
Mendeley/PLoS Binary Battle API Contest $10,001 + $1000 Amazon Web Services credits to the winner, $5000 + $500 AWS credits to the runner up, $1,000 + Parrot AR Drone to the best Mendeley/PLoS mashup. 2011-09-30
InfiniteGraph Developer Contest Win up to $12,000 worth of Apple products, gear and tech! Build an application, web or mobile service around social, game and/or location-based networks, using InfiniteGraph to traverse the objects and relationships in your data. 2011-09-30
Thrutu Button Developer Contest Write a new Thrutu Button and you could win $3,000 in Thrutu's inaugural Button Developer Contest. 2011-09-30
MTA App Quest The challenge will award $15,000 in total cash prizes. Grand prize $5,000. Second prize $3,000. Third prize $1,500. Honorable mention and Popular Choice prizes will be awarded as well. 2011-09-26
Apps for the Environment Winners invited to recognition event in Washington, D.C., to meet with EPA officials. 2011-09-16
Layar Creation Challenge Augmented Reality solutions for books, magazines and publishing. $15,000 for first place, $10,000 for second, $7,500 for third. $5,000 for fourth and fifth, $2,500 each for sixth through 10th. 2011-09-15
Box Mobile Dev Challenge 1st Place $25,000 Cash, $5,000 InMobi Ad Network Spend, and a Pitch Meeting with Draper Fisher Jurvetson 2nd Place $10,000 Cash, $5,000 InMobi Ad Network Spend, and a Pitch Meeting with Draper Fisher Jurvetson Top Ten Best Apps Each of the top ten apps will receive a brand new HP TouchPad. 2011-09-09
TokBox OpenTok Developer Contest The winner will be awarded with a Startup Alley Package for TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. Plus, TokBox will offer up to $1000 per person ($2000 total) to help defray travel expenses. 2011-08-28
Hoover's Ideas and Apps Contest Round 2 One $10,000 grand champion will be chosen from among the working prototypes submitted by the ten Ideation Round finalists. 2011-08-25
Apps for Science Contest Elsevier API challenge brings $15k to winner, $10k 2nd place and $5k each for 3rd place and popular choice. 2011-07-31
NYC BigApps Ideas Top 10 - $250 (determined by judges from public votes) Top 25 - $100 (determined by public voting) 2011-07-28
Aviary + Zazzle API Developer Contest Grand Prize: 1000 Zazzle/Aviary Dollars Runner-Up: 700 Zazzle/Aviary Dollars Honorable Mention: 200 Zazzle/Aviary Dollars 2011-07-26
Evernote Developer Contest $100,000 in total prizes, including a $50,000 grand prize and six $5,000 finalists 2011-07-15
DonorsChoose Hacking Education Contest Winners in seven categories receive $1,000, Nexus S mobile phone and an infographic from their findings. 2011-06-30
The Rainmaker API Challenge $2,500 cash for first place iPad 2 for second place Rainmaker credits, books and other partner prizes for top three spots. 2011-06-30
HackLolla Lollapalooza Contest Flight and hotel for two, plus VIP tickets Popular choice also gets two VIP tickets. 2011-06-24
Alibris API Programming Contest $1,000 for best overall application. $500 each for best Android, best mashup and most fun. 2011-06-15
Quova Developer Challenge Random monthly $500 idea prizes. Winning application gets trip to Las Vegas. Two runners-up get one year Quova service. 2011-06-01
Spreadshirt API Contest Use Spreadshirt's t-shirt creation API. 1st place get 3,000 EUR. 2nd gets 2,000 EUR. 3rd gets 1,000 EUR. 2011-05-31
Springer API Challenge Developers submit original, non-commercial applications using Springer metadata and content APIs. $5,000 for 1st place, $2,500 for 2nd and $1,000 for 3rd. 2011-05-31
CDC Flu App Challenge $15k to winner, $10k to 2nd, $5k to 3rd. $2,500 each for both people's choice and honorable mention. 2011-05-27
Aviary Photo Effects Contest Winner gets an iPad 2 Runner-up an F-stop Watch Aviary swag for honorable mention. 2011-05-24
Readability API Contest First place $5,000 Second place $2,500 Third place $1,000. 2011-05-15
PayPal X Developer Challenge for Android First place $25,000 Second place $15,000 Third place $10,000 2011-05-14
Hoover's Ideas and Apps Contest Three $2,000 idea winners, with seven total ideas chosen for a chance at $10,000 grand prize. 2011-05-11
Miso API Developer Contest Create social services to "check-in" to TV shows. Winner receives an iPad 2. 2011-05-10
Navteq App Warehouse Publish your app in the Navteq App Warehouse and enter to win $5,000. 2011-04-30
IndexTank/Factual Developer Contest Build apps on realtime fulltext search engine as a service. 1st place: iPad 2 2nd place: Parrot Quadcopter Air Drone 3rd place: Kindle. 2011-04-15
O'Reilly/Fluidinfo Writable API Contest First place includes flight, hotel and entrance to OSCON. Second place is iPad 2 or Xoom tablet. Third place is $500 worth of OReilly ebooks and/or videos. 2011-04-10
Cohuman CP3O Contest $2,000 for best in show and six $500 prizes. 2011-04-04
Zappos Developer Challenge-palooza-athon. $1,000 for best overall, $500 each for most fun and best mashup. Prizes are half cash, half Zappos credit. 2011-03-31
OpenTok API Competition Four weekly mini-contests culminate in a grand prize of promotion of your app to TokBox's 2 million users. Weekly prizes include an Android tablet, Kinect, Boxee and iPad. 2011-03-07
AT&T Open Call Contest Four $10,000 prizes in gaming, HTML5, social good and "open" categories. 2011-03-01
binpress Programming Contest Use any API for a chance at cash prizes between $350-$2500, plus thousands of dollars in AWS vouchers, design services and more. 2011-02-24
Reto 2.0 Contest Web 2.0 contest for college students in Puerto Rico, with up to $9,000 in prizes. Create a web/mobile application that integrates APEX API with at least three other APIs. 2011-02-22
myGengo API Lab Bounties are offered for the first to complete a working plugin for more than 40 platforms and services. Win $900 to $1,400 for each working plugin. 2011-01-31
Ixaris Secret Path Challenge 100 virtual treasure chests are placed around the globe. Create payment applications and you could win between $10 to $500. 2011-01-31
Knetx Scratch that Itch Contest Winner gets an Xbox 360 4GB + Kinect. 2011-01-24
NYC BigApps 2.0 $5,000 grand prize. 11 other prizes from $500 (honorable mentions) to $2,500 (second place). 2011-01-12
World Bank Apps for Development $15,000 first prize. $10,000 for second, $5,000 for third. There will also be five honorable mentions ($2,000) and a popular choice ($5,000). 2011-01-10
Twilio Netbook Mondays A netbook awarded every week. New contests ongoing 2010-12-31
100 Apps in 100 Days Over 100 prizes totaling $165,000. Individual prizes range from $500 to $10,000. 2010-12-10 API Contest Makerbot Thing-o-matic first prize. 1 TB HD enclosed in vintage Nintendo game second prize. BuckyBalls third prize. 2010-11-17
Samsung Free the TV Challenge $200,000 first prize, $100,000 second and $50,000 third. Plus 10 $1,000 honorable mentions, a $50,000 popular choice award and lots of TVs and Blu-Ray players. 2010-11-11
AWS Start-up Challenge Winner receives $50,000 in cash and $50,000 in AWS credits. 15 regional semi-finalists receive $2,500 in AWS credits. Six global finalists receive $10,000 in AWS credits. 2010-10-31
Constant Contact Developer Challenge Awards range from iPads to $15,000 cash 2010-10-31
Etsy Handmade Code Contest $5,000 grand prize for the winner in each category: buyer tools, seller tools, mobile. Plus five overall 'honorable hack' awards of $500. 2010-10-15
SingTel Consumer Apps Challenge S$35,000 (Singapore dollars) for winners in each of five categories: lifestyle, entertainment, social, education and utilities. Also, 15 S$1,000 concept winners. 2010-10-15
Sausalito Application Contest 1st Place $7,500, 2nd Place $1,500, 3rd Place $500 2010-09-30
Cloudvox Open Source Asterisk Install one of seven open source Asterisk phone apps. First of each complete gets $250. 2010-09-30
PayPal X Developer Challenge $100,00 grand prize. Additional $10,000 prizes. Register by 8/4/10 for a chance to win a free iPad 2010-09-22
Wufoo API Contest Win a battle axe, free accounts and $1,000-$3,000. 2010-08-31
Apps for Californians Prizes to be announced 2010-08-27
Producteev Developer Throwdown $2500 for 1st place. $1000 for 2nd place. 2010-08-15 Developer Contest $10,000 grand prize, four prizes of US $5,000 2010-07-22
Elsevier 2010 App Challenge First prize: Travel grant to Geneva, Switzerland 2010-07-09
Kwwika World Cup 2010 Real-Time Push Web App Contest Apple iPad 2010-07-01
Repustate Win a Safari Mashup Contest First prize: Kenyan Safari 2010-06-30
Thomson Reuters Street Apps Challenge $15,000 first prize, $5,000 second prize, additional prizes 2010-06-25
Nokia's Calling All Innovators Contest Grand Prize: $30,000, 2nd Prize: $15,000, 3rd Prize: $5,000 2010-06-10
Wordnik Developer Challenge $2,000 Best in show prize, $1,000 Best of breed prize in each category, $250 prizes for cool apps we like 2010-05-21
AI Mashup Challenge 2010 Part of the Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2010) 2010-04-01
Geograph Mashup Challenge Space Navigator first prize 2010-03-31
MySpace Developer Challenge $50,000 divided among winners ($10k for each category) 2010-02-24
nextstop API Challenge Grand prize $1,000, Runners up (2nd and 3rd place): $250 2010-01-31
CDYNE Phone Notify Idea Contest - No coding required Dell Mini 2009-12-31
Flavorpill's Show Us Your Neighborhood contest $1500 for best mashup 2009-12-14
NYC BigApps $5,000 Grand Prize, $2,000 Second, $1,000 Third, Honorable Mention (5 awards): $500 2009-12-08
Science Museum Cosmic Collections website competition Two prizes of 1000 2009-11-28
location-api 4 million competition 1000 free API calls per day 2009-11-20
Conduit Awards 2009 $15,000 in cash prizes. Grand prize winner receives $4,000 and a Nokia Booklet 3G 2009-11-15
Mashup Australia Contest Prizes: $10,000, $5,000, $2,500. Also $2,000, $2,000, $1,000 for special categories 2009-11-13
DataSF App Contest Prizes to be announced. Apps to be built on site at Citizen Space in SF day of event. 2009-11-07
GamePro API Contest $5,000 first place prize 2009-11-01
FAST Platform Enterprise Mashup Contest 2009-10-31
Bing Maps Mashup Challenge Microsoft XBox and a delegate place ESRI UK web API training courses 2009-10-16
Twilio It's Raining Netbooks Developer Contest A Netbook computer every week 2009-10-01
WhereIsNow Award First place prize of 1,000 2009-09-30
zanox Application Store Contest 2009 Win up to $2 million venture capital for your business model 2009-09-15
Bing and Gnomedex Code for Green $10,000 for two grand prize winners 2009-08-12
BroadSoft XCv2 Developer Challenge $30,000 in total prize money 2009-07-31
Super Sexy Mortgage Calculator Contest $10,000 first place prize 2009-07-31
Twilio Developer Contest Netbook giveaway every week 2009-07-27
PayPal Developer Challenge $5,000 first prize 2009-07-15 Pub Mashup Competition 250 First Prize 2009-06-30
Nokia Calling All Innovators Contest $250,000 in prizes for best mobile apps 2009-06-30
Chartbeat-Google Analytics Mashup Competition Amazon Kindle 1st place, Flip Mino HD for 2 runner ups 2009-06-26
Intuit / Xtify Application Contest $7,000 Grand Prize, $4,000 1st Place, $1,500 2nd Place 2009-06-23
Best Buy Remix Challenge, Flat Panel Storyboard Tournament $2,000 in prizes 2009-06-17
Boxee App Dev Challenge Peoples Choice Award: Drobo + 4TB from Seagate, Judges Choice Award: Sony Bravia XBR9 46″ 2009-06-14
Glue API Contest Expense paid trip to NYC first place prize 2009-06-14
ooVoo Developers Contest $2500 Cash Prize 2009-06-01
Twitter Payments API Contest MacBook Air first place prize 2009-05-15
DandyID Developer Contest 27" widescreen flat panel monitor, Amazon Kindle 2 eBook Reader, Flip Digital Video Camera 2009-05-09
Doodle API Contest First place is a 5 day trip to Zurich 2009-04-14
Spore API Contest 09 NVIDIA graphics card first prize 2009-04-06
Sunlight Foundation: Apps for America $15,000 first place, $5,000 second place, $1,000 third place (4), $100 honorable mention (10) 2009-03-31
Qype API Challenge 3500 first place, 1000 2nd place, 500 third place 2009-03-30
Mashery Circus Mashimus Developer Contest MacBook Pro, 42" flat screen TVs, and many other prizes 2009-03-14
Ribbit $100,000 Killer App Challenge $100,000 in prize money 2009-03-12
3scale 2-6-10K Competition $10,000 in prizes. Categories for API providers and mashup devs 2009-02-28 API Contest Netbook first prize 2009-01-28
JackBe Mash for Cash Contest $2,500 first place, $1,000 and $500 for second and third 2008-12-31
Elsevier Article 2.0 Contest $4,000 first prize, $2,000 second and $1,000 third prizes 2008-12-31
Nokia Calling All Innovators Contest $35,000 in prizes in three categories of mobile apps 2008-12-15
Apps for Democracy $20,000 total prize money, $2,000 for each of 2 first place winners 2008-11-12
Yahoo BOSS Mashable Challenge $2,000 grand prize, $1,000 runner-up prize 2008-10-05's Million Dollar Challenge $1,000,000+ investment offer from Emergence Capital 2008-10-01 Begins March-2008, with details TBD
Zanox 1 Million Euro Competition $1 Million Euro investment to contest winner 2008-09-30
Broadsoft Xtended Voice Mashup Contest $15,500 first place, $5,500 second, $3,500 third place 2008-09-02
NJ Star Ledger Facebook App Contest $5,000 for best NJ themed application 2008-08-29
DayPI Anniversary Developer Contest $3,500 first prize, $750 each for two runners up, $2,000 Yahoo BOSS bonus 2008-07-25
Presdo API Contest 3 3G iPhones 2008-07-18 API Contest 50 inch HD plasma TV or one Apple MacBook Pro 2008-07-15
WeatherBug API Contest Up to 5 iPod Touch players 2008-07-11
SemanticHacker Challenge $100,000 first prize, up to $1 million 2008-06-18
Yahoo Search Monkey Challenge $10,000 first prize, 4 other prizes of $2,500 each 2008-06-14
WHERE Developer Contest, Spring 2008 $5,000 first prize, $1,000 second place mobile GPS handset at each prize level. 2008-05-05
Kintera Connect Developer's Challenge $15,000 first prize, $5,000 for each of 2 second prizes 2008-04-10
StrikeIron March Mashup 42 inch HD Flat Scree TV first prize, Apple iTouch for 3 runners up 2008-03-31
NetSquared N2Y3 Mashup Challenge $100,000 divided across 20 teams 2008-03-14
Autodesk Freewheel Developer Contest "Dream 3D System" with Dell XPS 720 and 2 27" monitors 2008-02-15
Film 4 Mashup and Widget Contest 2000 from UK's Channel4 for most creative mashup of their Film4 RSS feeds 2008-01-10
MTV Adobe AIR Challenge 2 night trip to NYC and MTV meetings grand prize. 2 other NYC trips for runners-up 2007-12-31
AT&T Facebook Developer's Challenge $5,000 first prize 2007-12-14
MP3tunes Music API Challenge $1,000 first prize 2007-11-05
Cogenz Developer Contest $5,000 first prize, $750 for five runner-up winners 2007-10-31
SharedBook Open API Challenge Choice of OpenMoko phone, iPhone or $500 cash. Also, 20% share of books sold via app 2007-10-31
Amazon Startup Challenge $50,000 cash and $50,000 web services credit 2007-10-28
WHERE Developer Contest $5,000 first prize, $3,000 second place, mobile GPS handset third place. All prizes include meetings with 3 leading VC firms. Note, entries here also valid for TeleAtlas conte-double your chances. 2007-10-15
Tibco Ultimate Ajax Challenge 50 Inch Plasma HDTV, 30GB Video iPod 2007-09-30
TeleAtlas Maps in Apps 2007 $25,000 cash, $50,000 in mapping data; 2 runners-up $10,000 cash and $20,000 map data 2007-09-30
Reinventing Voice Mashup Contest Showcased at Sylantro Global Summit 2007-09-20
MashupCamp Dublin - Business Mashup Challenge Over $4000 in cash and prizes including best mashup using IBM tools like QEDWiki and best widgets using StrikeIron, Kapow and Dapper. 2007-09-12
Adobe AIR Developer Derby Trip of a lifetime worth up to $100,000, 5 second place prizes Mac Pros worth $8900 each 2007-09-05
Skype Developer Mashup Competition Trip to Prague 2007-08-31
Apatar Data Mashup Contest 80GB video iPod and 2GB iPod nano 2007-08-31
Paypal Developer Challenge for a Facebook App $10,000 first place prize, 2 $5,000 second place prizes, 4 $2,000 third place prizes 2007-08-24
Voxbone API Development Contest $10,000 first place prize 2007-07-31
Clicky API Widget Contest $500 in cash and prizes 2007-07-31
Microsoft and BT Connected Services Sandbox Competition Prizes from $2,500 to $25,000 2007-06-18 Winners announced June 18-2007
Digg API Visualization Contest Prizes include Falcon Northwest gaming PC, all EA PC games, Adobe CS3 Master Collection 2007-05-16
Sunlight Foundation Mashup Congress Contest $2,000 first prize 2007-04-15
Proto Daily iPod Mashup Contest 1 iPod Nano every day to the best mashup built using their tool. 25 iPods total. 2007-04-15 Starting Jan 30, while prizes last
O'Reilly Media and StrikeIron's ETel Telephony Mashup Contest $1,500 first prize, $1,000 second prize, $500 third prize 2007-02-20
GeoIQ Mashup Contest Sony Playstation 3 first prize, Roboraptor second prize, Dwight Schrute Bobblehead third prize 2007-01-15
GoodStorm API Developer Challenge $1,000 first prize, $500 in downloads second prize, iPod Nano third prize 2006-12-15
ClearForest Semantic Web Services Mashup Contest $2,000 first prize, $1,000 second prize 2006-12-11
AOL Web AIM Mashup Competition $5,000 first prize, $1,500 second prize, $500 third prize 2006-12-06
Global IP Sound VIP Application Contest (for VoIP) GIPs-enabled Ojo phones from WorldGate 2006-11-30
AIM Phoneline Developer's Challenge (for VoIP) $3,500 first prize, $1,000 second prize, $500 third prize 2006-11-30
Rhapsody Web Services Contest Trip for 2 to anywhere in the world, Sonos Digital Music System, 6 Sansa e260 MP3 players 2006-10-16
BT Exact Mashup Competition 2006 2,500 first prize, second prize of 1,500 2006-10-06
MSN Messenger Invasion of the Robots $40,000 in prizes including $10,000 Alienware computer and $5,000 Bose stereo 2006-09-15
OCLC Research Software Conte-Dublin Ohio Computer Library $2,500 2006-09-15
Talis: Mashing Up The Library Competition 1,000 first prize, second prize of 500 2006-08-18
Google Desktop Gadget Contest $5,000, $2,000 and $1,000 prizes for 1-2nd and 3rd place 2006-08-14
MapQuest OpenAPI Developers Challenge $1,000 first prize with trip to O'Reilly Where 2.0 Conference in San Jose (see winners here) 2006-05-01
Share Skype Developer Competition with three categories: AP2AP Messaging, eBay Integration, Voice Services 2,000 euros first prize each category, 500 euros second prize 2006-04-15
eBay Best Original Application, Individual $5,000 plus O'Reilly Conference trip 2006-01-31
eBay Best Open Source Collaboration Set of matching Xbox 360 games and O'Reilly Conference trip 2006-01-31
Extend Firefox Contest.
See the
Alienware Aurora 7500 Firefox Edition PC 2006-01-06’s AWS Developer Contest. See the winners here. $5,000 2005-12-31
MSN Messenger World’s Best App Contest.
See the
winning entries.
Alienware Area 51m 7700 Mobile Desktop 2005-12-31
NewsGator API Developer Competition Dell Latitude D610 or Apple Powerbook G4 laptop 2005-11-11
MSN Virtual Earth Competition.
winning entries.
$1000 2005-10-14
VIP HACKATHON On April 30, 2012, join Pew, Microsoft, the Sunlight Foundation, and many others as we unleash the potential of this amazing and timely collection of civic data.What tools do you need to be a better citizen? What app would get your friends out to the voting booth? What data would benefit your local board of elections? Come mash, hack, and mindmeld with other civic hackers and problem-solve these and other exciting questions. -0001-11-30
Apps for Energy With the Energy Departments new Apps for Energy competition, were challenging developers to use the Green Button data access program to bring residential and commercial utility data to life. The Energy Department in partnership with Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Itron, and Gridwise Alliance is offering $100,000 in cash prizes to the software developers and designers that submit the best apps, as judged by a prestigious panel of judges selected from government, the energy industry, and the tech community. -0001-11-30
The Knodes fund The Knodes fund is a $250,000 fund dedicated to investing in companies building products on the Knodes API. The Knodes fund is managed by the Knodes Team in partnership with Quotidian Ventures Managing Partner Pedro Torres Picn. -0001-11-30
AT&T Mobile App Hackathon - Social Good (NYC) This special edition of AT&T Mobile App Hackathon, an event produced by the AT&T Developer Program in coordination with the Social Good Summit, is focused on building the next great mobile app for Social Good. -0001-11-30

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