Coronavirus COVID-19 Hackathons & Events

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COVID-19 GLOBAL HACKATHON 2.0: Social & Mental HealthHackathon are working to spark creative solutions to the mental and social symptoms of loneliness caused by isolation, social distancing, and economic hardship due to COVID-19.
Adobe COVID Challenge SeriesHackathon series of challenges for developers on the Topcoder platform which will focus on learning about Adobe PDF Services and creating digital solutions for businesses with the goal of helping them stay resilient in a post COVID economy.
COVID HealthHack llHackathon virtual hack where students and industry professionals come together to identify and address pandemic related issues and to come up with solutions to positively impact people’s lives.
COVID19 GLOBAL HackathonHackathon COVID-19 Global Hackathon is an opportunity for developers to build software solutions that drive social impact, with the aim of tackling some of the challenges related to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 dashboardHackathon in collaboration with Johns Hopkins project
2020 Call for CodeHackathon for Code is an annual competition, hosted in part by its Founding Partner IBM, whose initial focus was combating climate change.
Challenge: Combating COVID-19Hackathon this six (6) week innovation challenge students ages 13-17 from around the world will have the opportunity to form virtual teams to develop technology-based solutions to slow the spread of COVID-19.
Health Security and Pandemics ChallengeHackathon Solve is seeking tech innovations that can slow and track the spread of an emerging outbreak, for example by improving individual hygiene, developing low-cost rapid diagnostics, analyzing data that informs decision making, and providing tools that protect health workers.
WirVsVirusHackathon organized the WirVsVirus (WeAgainstVirus) hackathon
HackathonHackathon hackathon held in Estonia with the support from the Minister of Foreign Trade and Information Technology Kaimar Karu.
Hack QuarantineHackathon fully-online, people-focused hackathon bringing people together to use their skills to help combat the issues the world is facing with the COVID-19 pandemic.
CoronathonHackathon's Covid-19 hackathon
#CodeVsCOVID19Hackathon world’s brightest minds collaborate in a 72h non-profit online hackathon to fight the COVID-19 crisis. This is an initiative under the patronage of the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER) and the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA).
Skillsme Online HackathonHackathon COVID19 with your code
Storm the Hack COVID-19 Global HackathonHackathon Club is storming the COVID-19 Global Hackathon, a worldwide event with the staff of Facebook, Giphy, Microsoft, Pinterest, Slack, TikTok, WeChat, and Twitter.
Covid-19 EqualithonHackathon Equalithon, remote hackathon on Women's History Month
Hack the Crisis IndiaHackathon of all the problems that arise from the Covid-19 crisis. Which one do you want to help solve? What would be a good solution for that specific problem, and how do you plan to solve it during the hackathon?
CoVIDATHONHackathon AI against CoVID-19
PMOs Hacking Covid-19Hackathon creative solutions that can be immediately applied by PMO professionals who are facing the unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 outbreak.
CoronaHack - AI vs. Covid-19Hackathon virtual hackathon bringing together Biomedical and data scientists to explore ways to combat CoronaVirus.
COVID-19 Open Innovation ChallengeHackathon or teams are asked to submit a proposed innovative solution to a challenge or issue that they have identified as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic by April 10, 2020.
Forkwell Coronavirus HackHackathon hackathon will gather hundreds of software developers and data scientists from around the world to fight against the novel coronavirus, using publicly available datasets and algorithms to come up with relevant solutions. We'll provide you with all the resources and mentors you need to help you work on something ground-breaking.
Pandemic Response HackathonHackathon Pandemic Response Hackathon is a virtual hackathon aimed at better understanding and mitigating the spread of COVID-19 and future pandemics.
Code-vidHackathon IT based innovative solutions that can help Police in the fight against COVID-19.
hack:nowHackathon Hacks and Postman present a 36-hour, global online hackathon to foster innovative and technical solutions to challenges faced around the COVID-19 pandemic.
The COVID-19 HackathonHackathon COVID-19 Hackathon calls upon individuals to step up and help people affected by the Coronavirus. We’re not going to put restrictions on what your app can do — as long as it helps people affected by COVID-19.
EU DatathonHackathon open data competition invites participants to submit their proposals taking into account the current situation that is challenging everyone.
EOSIO Virtual Hackathon: Coding for ChangeHackathon$100k cash prize. Join our challenge to build a more resilient, trustworthy, and equitable world, now and in the future. The hackathon starts on May 1 and runs for 31 days.
Redis 'Beyond Cache' HackathonHackathon apps based on Redis Data Structures, Event-driven Architecture and Redis Modules.
Lumiata COVID-19 Global AI HackathonHackathon encourage participants to develop AI solutions for both current challenges posed by COVID-19 as well as longer-term concerns that will result following the immediate effects of the crisis.
CoVIDathonHackathon privacy-centric solutions for CoVID19 using AI & Blockchain technologies.
COVID-19 Simulation SummitEvent COVID-19 Simulation Summit will be an online event, focused on the use of agent based simulation models for more effective simulation of COVID-19 spread and evaluation of COVID-19 policies.