The Reviso API allows developers to integrate accounting functions into their own applications and systems. Reviso provides all standard accounting features, such as online invoicing, reports, support for VAT schemes, and free access for accountants and bookkeepers. Reviso is 100% online and allows users to import data from their previous systems.

HTTP Library Test

The HTTP Library Test API allows developers to test different kinds of HTTP scenarios. All endpoint responses are JSON-encoded.

Volo Commerce

The Volo Commerce API allows developers to integrate their application with the Volo commerce platform. More information is available upon contacting the provider. Volo Commerce is a provider of multi channel ecommerce software and services.


With the Pepipost API, you can connect Pepipost to a CMS, your application server, blog platform, and more for instant sending of transactional mails. The custom developed HTTP API can send up to 1000 emails per API call. Since a single API call can suffice for multiple email addresses, it can reduce bandwidth costs significantly. In addition, you can track statistics for number of emails sent, bounces and spam complaints. Pepipost is a reliable and scalable email delivery engine.

Bulk SMS Gateway

The Bulk SMS Gateway API is a service provided by KAPSYSTEM, a fast growing Bulk SMS Gateway/API Provider Company in India. Kapsystem offers promotional and transactional bulk SMS services and solutions. The Bulk SMS Gateway API can be provided to integrate on user applications and portals.

Polarion Web Services

The Polarion API allows to interact with Web Services features, including tracker, session, security, and test management. Polarion Software provides browser-based application lifecycle management (ALM) service capabilities that developers can implement into automotive, medical, aerospace, and enterprise projects.

AT&T Webhooks Notification

The RESTful Webhooks Notification API provided by AT&T allows apps using the In-App Messaging API to subscribe to and receive push notifications when messages are added, updated or deleted in an AT&T customer's cloud message inbox. The Webhooks Notification API sends push notifications to the Developer-Hosted Server (DHS) for an app.


The PageMeta API is a user-friendly API that can parse important meta and related data from a web page. It parses the DOM of a page you request and sends back several sets of data including: Page title, Meta description, Meta language, Meta keywords, Meta robots, Canonical rel links, Favicon links, iOS/Android App icons, Open graph properties, Twitter properties, Linked Data (ld+json), parsed microdata and schema, all the images and properties on the page, and much more.

Mac Address Lookup

The Mac Address Lookup API provides tools for users to find vendors details based on Mac addresses. The API allows for searching using a Mac Address to get vendors information. The Mac Address Lookup API can process any kind of Mac addresses, accepts any text passed to it, can pass full or segmented addresses, and pass full or part of company addresses. A Mac Address (media access control address), or physical address, is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment.

TruValue Labs Insight360 ESG

TruValue Labs’s Insight360 ESG API is an ESG analytics program. Insight 360 offers access to real-time ESG analytic data for over 6,000 public equities worldwide, including companies listed under NYSE, NASDAQ, and FTSE. ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. Insight 360 offers multiple sustainability performance metrics, unlimited API calls, and is JSON, XML, and CSV formatted. Documentation can be acquired through contacting TruValue Labs via