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Best New Mashups: Weather Mashups Using Weather Underground, Weather Central and Google Maps

It never rains in Seattle. Seriously. In the last two months we've had one day of rain. While I'm not dying for six months of gray, drizzly weather I still wonder when we'll next see some of the wet stuff. Today we'll take a look at mashups that help answer the age old question "What's the weather going to be today?" These include mashups that give weather forecasts, conditions for aviation and boating enthusiasts, and even a couple that have fun with the weather. Read below for more information.

OneTok's SaaS Voice Recognition Announces its Beyond Beta

OneTok pulled its voice recognition technology out of beta and has launched The OneTok API to the masses. OneTok delivers voice recognition to any app on Android, Blackberry 10, or iOS. OneTok provides its software in a cloud based (SaaS) model. According to co-founder and CEO, Ben Lilienthal, "Today’s voice-enablement tools are overly complex and designed to make their vendors money. OneTok puts developers first, freeing them to focus on providing a great user experience."