[...] So this week we are working on the security part of our product and we are adding Captcha to the site, in my reading today I came across John Musser comments about Captcha and Mashables in ProgrammableWeb, he had a great post on a new company by the name of HotCaptcha… which is a mash-up of HOTorNOT… [...]

How about New mash-up and community site that shows restaurant availability in real-time for late nights?

[...] A highlight of both past events has been the mashup competition including the speed geeking sessions and the big final announcements (see Camp 1 and Camp 2 summaries). The inaugural winner was the innovative Podbop, a mashup that combines band event data from Eventful with MP3 tracks — type in a city, get MP3s, discover a band you like, and go see them. [...]