[...] Aggregating Reviews and Comparisons on your site using mashups. Given the availability of these good APIs from Amazon, eBay and it should be no surprise that “shoppingâ€? is a popular mashup theme. As of now there are exactly 100 shopping-related mashups listed here. That’s about 7% of the total. Some of the better ones include: read more here [...]

[...] » Blog Archive » 100 Shopping Mashups100 Shopping mashups that use data from Amazon, eBay, and more. The list is worth checking out.(tags: mashup mashups shopping web2.0) [...]

[...] » Blog Archive » 100 Shopping Mashups 100 Shopping mashups that use data from Amazon, eBay, and more. The list is worth checking out. (tags: mashup mashups shopping web2.0) [...]

ISBN based search for books in is not yielding any results now a days.

I saw, during last week it was giving proper result.

Is there any change in the searching logic of

Any one having any update on this?

Rajesh C M

Thanks for this article. It's nice to see so many creative uses of shoppng API.

My own site, 109things, also uses the Amazon API. It tries to be less cluttered than, and includes features like an automatic currency converter, side-by-side product comparisons, and price email alerts.

There's even a mobile version for small screen devices!


I was surprised to find that someone was actually tracking and commenting on sites like these. Good article. I can check out some of the competition for my website,, which combines Comparison Shopping from with coupons from the 3 main affiliate programs.

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[...] though there are now well over 100. Similarly, today we list 604 shopping mashups, but there were only 100 shopping mashups back in 2006. A lot has changed, but new and interesting ecommerce mashups keep coming. Below are [...]


Hey how about It is a social media platform around offers. An innovative approach for shoppers to explore discounts, offers &amp; sale around them and for businesses to promote their offers.

Innovative &amp; Creative :)