[...] “Every time you run a Google search, you make its brain more powerful”read more | digg story Related Articles: Trends of Google’s Disruptive Behavior: Some Food For ThoughtThe internet is abuzz. Google is being disruptive! Google is changing the way business is done! Microsoft, eBay, and...Google Opens Block-Long Office in N.Y.It's so big, you won't even need Google Maps to find it. Internet search engine Google Inc. has a new...Google to open Shanghai R&D centerShanghai will be home to Google Inc's third Chinese-based research and development center, the online search giant announced yesterday. The...Little Google deals hint at big strategyWhen Google quietly bought a software shop called Android a year ago, neither the suitor nor the quarry revealed much...Google to create largest U.S. solar-powered campusGoogle Inc. plans a solar-powered electricity system at its Silicon Valley headquarters that will rank as the largest U.S. solar-powered... [...]

"Google is charging ahead with their search engine. They continue to increase market percentages of the search engine market." more at....

<strong>We All Work for Google</strong>

That is the message from Quentin Hardy’s interesting article in the current issue of Forbes: The Google Industrial Complex. He makes a good case for it. “Every time you run a Google search, you make its brain more powerful…With every ad click com...

[...] John Musser at ProgrammableWeb writes an interesting commentary on a Forbes article by Quentin Hardy titled The Google Industrial Complex. [...]

[...] A revista Forbes, e o site Programmable Web, acabam de publicar um artigo na mesma linha. Essencialmente falam das novas plataformas e API&#8217;s Google, mas a idéia principal é a mesma : tudo no Google é feito para que eles trabalhem uma só vez, e o cliente final(você) preencha o resto do trabalho com seus dados no Orkut, infinitos perfís de uso e dados pessoas nos emails no Gmail, bilhões de páginas Web que alimentam o sistema de buscas e por aí vai. [...]