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Licas Framework

Written in Java and Android compatible, Licas allows you to build service-based networks. All of the main SOA features are included for distributed communications or architecture and additional packages allow for AI programming. Build lightweight networks of service-based components (SOA or Cloud). Programmable framework with many features - add/run services, add/search metadata, autonomous, agent-based, self-organizing and distributed communication. Java J2SE (1.5+) compatible. Communication includes XML-RPC, REST, HTTP and dynamic Web Services (SOAP). An 'All-in-One' GUI is a free tool, available from the DCS site and can be used to run all of the packages and separate modules. Alternatively, write programs using the stand-alone server, or by extending the open source classes. A p2p network can be setup requiring only the HTTP address and optional passwords. Example Apps are messenger, file sharing, web services, query. The code can also be used for more scientific programs. Sub-packages include text or query processing, or heuristic evaluation. A problem solver provides genetic algorithms and other AI algorithms, integrated into the whole system.