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Mashup: ADDA ERP

ADDA provides every tool needed for smooth and efficient running of any Residential Community. On one hand there is the ADDA App, a private social network for residents. On the other hand is a convenient facility management, billing and accounting, security management platform for property managers, managing body/committee. ADDA ERP & GateKeeper are used by 18,500+ Residential Complexes Globally. The core of the platform is the centralized database of every aspect of a residential complex – Condos/Apartments, Residents, Vehicles, Accounts, Staff, Assets, Vendors, etc. 2 ADDA Products leverages the core platform powering the ADDA App and all it's features -> ADDA ERP - Communication, Facility Management & Billing Platform for Owners, Tenants & Associations -> ADDA GATEKEEPER - App Based Visitor Management, Intelligent Security Management Platform