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Mashup: Patent and Application Relationship Timeline (PART)

Patent and Application Relationship Timeline (PART) creates a live timeline showing the relationships between a patent ID, patents it cites, and patents and applications that are citing it. A generated table will sum up applicants that occur most often and allow you to focus on that applicant. Click to bring up the source document or create a new visualization based on the cited or cited application or patent. This widget is a simple prototype application that employs "screen scraping" written in PHP 7 to gather data from Google Patents. It then formats the data about patents and patent applications it cites or other that cite this patent or application on a timeline that can be interacted with. It has been tested with the Google Chrome browser and requires JavaScript to be allowed to run. As a screen scraper, the results may sometimes be unexpected, but this approach was required after Google discontinued its direct API. It uses live up to date data from Google Patents (both the old and new version). Please contact us by clicking here to comment or ask for additional features.