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Mashup: SimplyCRMApps Followers

Gain more customers, optimize your business and earn more money - with Simply CRM. Simply is the CRM you will actually use: Easy-to-use - visual overviews, drag'n'drop, designed for humans, not PHD's in IT. All-in-one platform - including CRM, Helpdesk, Financial & Project Management. Free support 24/7 - in your local language. Making Sales Visual: Simply makes it easy to close more leads, manage your customers, and remember and prioritize you opportunities. Support Customers: Integrated helpdesk and ticketing to followup on customer requests and get full overview. Invoicing: Invoice customers directly from Simply, including products, inventory & recurring invoicing. Projects: Manage projects with tasks, milestones and Gantt charts. Try Simply for free right now, and we will help you get started! Question? Write us at