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Vatsim Flight Tracker

Masup of VATSIM and Google maps to make virtual flight tracker. 

Rating: 4.6 
Visits: 57093 
DUI Map is Google map based a heat map showing concentrations ... 

MapLarge, GoogleMapsFlash
Rating: 4.3 
Visits: 57015 
1001 Secret Fishing Holes

Over a thousand fishing spots in national parks, wildlife refuges... 

Rating: 3.0 
Visits: 13493 
25 Unsafest US Cities

A look at the 25 most unsafe cities in America. 

Rating: 3.1 
Visits: 13197 

A visually rich application that combines the Amazon API to show ... 

Rating: 4.3 
Visits: 11590 
Celebrity Photos Gallery

A dyanamic collection of celebrity photo galleries. Data comes fr... 

Yahoo, YahooImages
Rating: 3.5 
Visits: 10444 

Custom homepage builder that uses Ajax to let a user layout and c... 

YouTube, AOLWebAIM, TradeSports, SmashFly, Rrove, Rhapsody, OpenStreetMap, Map24AJAX, WeatherByCity, indeed, GoogleMaps, GoogleCodeSearch, GoogleCalendar, GoogleAjaxSearch, Flickr, FedEx,, Clickatell, Box, AOLVideo, AmazonS3
Rating: 4.3 
Visits: 10063 
Beam Me Up, Hottie

Uses the HotOrNot API to find girls and guys in your by location. 

Rating: 3.0 
Visits: 9585 
UK Tesco Store Locator

Find Tesco store locations on a Virtual Earth map of the UK with ... 

Rating: 2.9 
Visits: 9432 
50 Top US Medical Schools

Map of the top US medical schools are reported by US News. Pop-up... 

Rating: 3.6 
Visits: 9257 
100 Most Powerful Celebrities

Map of Forbes list of the top 100 most powerful and best paid cel... 

YahooGeocode, GoogleMaps, YouTube
Rating: 3.5 
Visits: 8729 

Search local auctions and classified listings (craigslist) and se... 

GoogleMaps, EBay
Rating: 4.8 
Visits: 8000 
Silverlight Photo Carousel

A Silverlight 1.0-based photo carousel displaying interesting pho... 

Rating: 3.2 
Visits: 7370 
Flickr Lightbox Slideshow

Slideshow of most interesting and recent photos from flickr using... 

Rating: 4.6 
Visits: 7351 
Search the Tube

A straightforward and clean interface to YouTube via their APIs. ... 

Rating: 3.6 
Visits: 7198 
Visitor Map Gadget: iGoogle gadget to track your website or blog

Track recent visitors to your website or blog with this iGoogle g... 

YahooMapImage, GoogleMaps, GoogleHomepage
Rating: 4.0 
Visits: 7084 
USPS Tracking

Track USPS shipments with Google Maps. Get package details instan... 

USPSTrackConfirm, GoogleMaps
Rating: 3.7 
Visits: 6931 
25 Best Companies to Work For

Map of the 100 best US companies to work for as rated by Fortune ... 

Rating: 2.8 
Visits: 6726 

Tagbulb simplifies tag search by aggregating content from various... 

Zooomr, YouTube, YahooVideo, Yahoo, YahooRelatedQuery, YahooMail, YahooLocal, YahooImages, YahooAnswers, Wikipedia, WebShots, Vodpod, VideoSurf, Viddler, Upcoming, Twitter, Technorati, Spraci, Smugmug, SimplyHiredJobs, ShareThis, Riya, Revver, RawSugar, Photobucket, Ma.gnolia, LiveVideo, LazyTune, LastFM, KewegoVideo, ISBNdb, InternetVideoArchive, indeed, Howcast, GrouperVideo, Google, GooglePicasa, GoogleFriendConnect, GoogleBooks, GoogleAjaxSearch, FriendFeed, Floobs, Flickr, Eventful, EBay, DigitalPodcast, Digg,, CafePress, Buzznet, Blogmarks,, Blipfm, Blinkx, Bing, BibSonomy, BBC, arXiv, AOLVideo, AmazonProductAdvertising, AmazonEC2, 5min, 43Things, 23, 12secondstv
Rating: 3.9 
Visits: 6377 
Big Huge Labs

Uses Flickr API to do fun stuff with photos. Home of the fd Flick... 

Rating: 4.5 
Visits: 6358 


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