​Amazon Announces Go SDK for AWS

Last week, Amazon announced that it is working on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) SDK for the Go programming language.

As Amazon AWS Senior Product Manager Peter Moon explained in an announcement on the AWS Official Blog, "Since its launch, the Go programming language has had a remarkable growth trajectory, and we have been hearing customer requests for an official AWS SDK with increasing frequency. We listened and decided to deliver a new AWS SDK to our Go-using customers."

Amazon AWS offers a wide range of cloud infrastructure services, including compute, database, storage and load balancing. Nearly all of the AWS services have associated APIs that AWS customers can interact with and configure programmatically. The Amazon AWS SDKs offer developers the ability to more efficiently integrate these APIs into their applications.

The official AWS SDK for Go will be based on an unofficial SDK developed by Coda Hale, a developer at API-centric online payments startup Stripe. According to Amazon's Moon, Stripe has agreed to transition ownership of its SDK to Amazon. Amazon will be developing the SDK further and has created a GitHub repository where developers can contribute their code and submit feedback.

Go-ing places

Amazon AWS has become one of the most popular cloud hosting platforms and given its widespread use, it's no surprise that Amazon offers official AWS SDKs for seven different programming languages to ensure that its customers can easily integrate AWS APIs into their applications regardless of the languages they use. Go looks to be the eighth language Amazon AWS officially supports with an SDK.

Go was developed in 2007 at Google and since then, has grown considerably in popularity as large tech companies and startups alike have embraced new programming languages that promise a better developer experience and improved performance. Go, which is a dynamic language that was built from the ground up with concurrency in mind, has been used very effectively by some companies. For instance, cloud infrastructure startup Iron.io was able to reduce the number of servers it requires by orders of magnitude by switching to Go.

According to RedMonk, Go is now the seventeenth most popular programming language in the world as of January and the availability of an official Amazon AWS SDK for the language certainly won't hurt its growth going forward.

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