​Amazon's Sumerian, a Service for Building VR, AR and 3D Apps, is Generally Available

Amazon has announced the general availability of its Sumerian AWS service, a solution for building virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 3D applications. 

According to Amazon, Sumerian is "the fastest and easiest way to create VR, AR, and 3D experiences." Originally unveiled last November, it doesn't require any specialized programming or 3D graphics expertise. Instead, users build scenes and applications through a browser-based WebGL and WebVR editor.

As Amazon explains, "You can import 3D objects, select the surroundings for your scene, add characters, and script the logic that controls your scene. Sumerian’s text editor lets you script the logic behind your scene so you can decide how objects behave or how your scene is narrated."

Sumerian is integrated with a number of other Amazon services, including Amazon Lex, Polly, Lambda and AWS IoT.

As with many AWS services, Amazon offers a free tier of service for Sumerian that allows users to create a scene of up to 50MB that receives 100 views, or 5GB, per month. Above the free tier, users are charged for storage, traffic, and the integrated services they use.

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