​Apartment Guide releases API for Reputation.com

Apartment Guide, an online Resource for apartment owners and seekers, has just announced a new partnership with Reputation.com. They have released a Review API, enabling Reputation.com to aggregate Apartment Guide's 190,000 Resident Ratings & Reviews for analysis and reporting purposes. 

Reputation.com consolidates reviews and ratings from various websites into an easy to manage dashboard, allowing people to keep tabs on their web reputation. Since many clients of Apartment Guide concurrently use Reputation.com to manage their apartment complex reputations on various review websites, the Review API is a natural fit for their symbiotic relationship, allowing Certified Resident Ratings & Reviews to give much more credibility than phony reviews.

Apartment Guide, often used as a marketing tool for apartment owners, gives consumers the ability to use refined search capabilities to view listings with detailed industry insights and credible reviews. 

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Apartment Guide Releases Review API